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Invalid report file path after not viewing a report for a while

nicksbell asked
Last Modified: 2008-01-09
Hi, I have an ASP.Net app using VB.Net and Crystal Reports v10.  I have a page that displays a crystal report within a form (named frmReport) with runat="server" set.  The report works fine when I first navigate to the page, and is refreshed OK when ReportRefresh is called by the user selecting the Refresh button.  The problem I am having is that if I leave the page open and return to the report after a while and click the Refresh button I get an 'Invalid report file path' error when the reportdocument.Refresh is called in the ReportRefresh event.

It it possible that something is timing out, possibly something to do with the reportdocument or the frmReport?

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>>> It it possible that something is timing out

Yes.  I suspect that the session state is timing out - by default IIS has a 20 minute timeout  for sessions so after that period of activity the server drops the state.  When the client sends a request the server no longer has the corresponding information.  In this case the server probably stores the path to a temporary report file and when the session is dropped so is the temp file.

You can increase the timeout period in IIS, but that can have major performance implications for your server so that isn't something to do lightly.



Is it possible to reestablish the state in the vb.code.  i.e. is it possible for me to trap the invalid report file path error and then refresh/renew/reload the whole page?  If so how would I do that?


It isn't possible to reestablish the state.  It is possible to wrap your code in a TRY..CATCH block and trap for that error.  What you'd probably want to do is if you encounter that error, redirect to a static page that explains the user's session has timed out.  On that page you can have a link that takes them back to the report (which will be treated as the first hit on the page and will reload as a new page instead of trying to refresh expired content).

Depending on your app, you may need the link to redirect to a login page, etc. instead of directlyl to the report - that just depends on how your application works.



ok, thanks.  As another suggestion, rather then increasing the internet explorer timeout, is it possible for the webpage to send a 'keep alive' signal back to the server so I can control which pages don't timeout?

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Thanks for all your help, it was all very useful.

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