Dell Server assistant does not boot


I have a dell poweredge 2650 it does not boot from the new Server Assistance cd which I downloaded and wrote. It as han internal as well as en axtra raid controller the one is perc and the other is adaptec any idea why this might be happening?. Its a windows 2000 Advance Server with SP4.
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Can you boot to a floppy or the Windows CDROM?
I had a similar problem when I re-installed the OS my Dell PE 4400. For some reason I couldn't get it to boot to floppy or CDROM. I had to pull a couple of the plug-n-play cards that I had installed over the past couple of months. After that I could boot.
I think this might have released some resources (IRQ, DMA, memory, etc) that were needed for the boot.

My Dell PE 4350 will not boot to the Server Install Assist CD. It says that it does not recognize some of the upgraded hardware ( I believe it has a problem with the Split Plane Bus on the Raid Back Plane that I upgraded.  
browse the new cd on another machine and what files are on the disc?
The cd is not a bootable cd or is not burned properly

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johanvz1Author Commented:
Hi files on disc well this is the directory structure:

06/05/17  03:38 AM               888 COPYRIGHT.txt
06/05/17  03:45 AM               100 DiscInfo
06/05/17  03:42 AM    <DIR>          LICENSING
06/05/17  03:38 AM                44 autorun.inf
06/05/15  09:59 PM    <DIR>          dsa
06/05/15  09:59 PM    <DIR>          html
06/05/17  03:42 AM    <DIR>          isolinux
06/05/17  03:38 AM             7,390 license.txt
06/05/15  09:59 PM            20,941 readme.txt
06/05/17  03:38 AM             2,067 readme1st.txt
06/05/15  09:59 PM            21,085 readme_content.htm
06/05/15  09:59 PM    <DIR>          rr_moved
06/05/15  09:58 PM       132,775,936 runtime.img
06/05/17  03:42 AM    <DIR>          server_assistant
06/05/17  03:39 AM    <DIR>          srvadmin
i just downloaded the iso and burnt it with nero and it worked fine (also had the same files you showed). in the bios did you make sure that it was looking to the onboard device's before the raid controller? I believe this option is in the hdd sequence option in the bios. If it set to look at the onboard first and cdrom is at the top of the boot sequence try booting to a known good cd (like the os cd). If a known cd works fine you may want to try reburning the iso.
johanvz1Author Commented:
I used Roxio Easy CD and DVD creator v 6 I also use nero normally do u think this might have something to do with it?.
Burn it with nero  should work 100%

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