Urgent: Howto resize a Intel Matrix Storage RAID Volume?

I built a RAID1 array with the migration utility on 2 disks, but it never asked me which size it should have finally. Now it has the full harddisk size and I cannot add another volume (RAID 0 for speed/temp files).

At the end I would like to have the first 50% of the drives as mirror and the 2nd as a stripe.

That is what intel promised with the matrix feature, but how to do?
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1. Backup any data.
2. Reformat and resize as necessary.
3. Restore data.

Not fancy or elaborate, but it is safe.

Good Luck,

frankaAuthor Commented:
it is my boot device, so your suggestion wound not be possible for me (easily).
I have an Image of that boot partition. but howto proceed?

But it is correct that I should be able to define the initial size of a RAID Volume if doing from scratch.
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back up your data...

get yourself a knoppix boot CD (linux)

boot to that... then go to a command prompt
issue the switch user command:   su
issue this command to resize things:  qtparted

it should be self explanatory, and it should work.  i've done this countless times...  5% of the time, though, depending on hardware, your array just wont show up in qtparted.  if it does, resize away and should be ok.

but remember, back up first... if something goes wrong, your array may be gone.
note that you should fully defrag first, before trying my post above.  if there is any data past the point you want to shrink to, it wont go that far.  you can only shrink back to the first place data exists.  defrag, and it all should be as close to center as it can be.

frankaAuthor Commented:
I already resized that partition (NTFS) with another tool, but the RAID Volume remains the same!

I need to resize the RAID volume, not the partition on it.
mcsweenSr. Network AdministratorCommented:
You should image the RAID partition with Symantec Ghost or something like that (boot from a network boot disk and create the image directly to a share on your network)

Boot to the RAID config utility (usually F10 or something like that) and delete the existing RAID volume, create a new one the size you want and restart.

Boot from your network ghost disk again and restore the image to the RAID volume.  If you do a disk to image on your backup, do image to disk and this will re-create all of you NTFS volumes too.
frankaAuthor Commented:
the networt boot disk will fail to read or write to the RAID, unless is has the right drivers. DOS: no way, Bert PE would be a way, but then you also need to integrate the RAID drivers.
frankaAuthor Commented:
BTW: a knoppix version from End of 2005 did not recognize my Intel ICH7 RAID!
frankaAuthor Commented:
Finally after some hours I solved that with a 3rd ATA drive and Acronis Partitioning Soft.
were some troubles with not booting when drive mapping changed after creating the RAID, but got to solve it with the registry.

Obviously there is the only way to create that volumes first time.

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