am trying to open anAdobe  illustrator  file into visio2002 and receive error 918 "the
filter is unable to recognize the file"
Tried to open AutoCAD file and nothing happened
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Greetings, vnmikhal !

So you are unable to open an Adobe Ilustrator nor AutoCAD files in Visio 2002.  Did it one time work?  Did you add any software? Update any software? Perform a system restore to date when Visio worked.

If no joy, uninstall and reinstall Visio 2002.

Best wishes!
vnmikhalAuthor Commented:
I did ran Detect and Repair,did not help.Then I did uninstalled and reinstalled Visio - did not help either
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VISIO will not open .ai files.
Will Illustrator export to .svg?

Also. AutoCAD.dwg files need to be saved in R14 or earlier.
vnmikhalAuthor Commented:
In a list of supported files there is Adobe illustrated files
Also user stated that he was able to open AutoCAD files without any problem (AutoCAD supported as well)
I see that Visio 2000 and 2002 used to import .ai files (with many many problems).
Illustrator files are no longer supported in 2003. ( My current version)

A google search revels that an intermediate file format change always worked best.
They also recommended to "convert" rather than import.
There were also comments about if the .ai fonts were not ALL truetype, many errors occured.

We import circuits from the autocad format into Visio regularly and I will stand by the comment about R14 or earlier for proper import.


Did you perform a system restore to a time when Visio 2002 worked?
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