Install Win xp tablet version for toshiba tablet PC thru network or external USB drive installation

I need to instal windows XP tablet version for toshiba tablet pc. Since it does not have internal CD-ROM, I tried with Network boot thru network. However I failed becasue it say "No network drive for this tablet PC". Where can I get the network drive for Toshiba tablet PC? In additionally, let me know whether I can install this OS thru external USB dvd drive or not.
It wouldn't start from external USB drive.
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You either need to use a Toshiba or a targus external drive. It usually needs to be a PCMCIA drive also.
manrippoAuthor Commented:
Are you saying that I have to use PCMCIA external CD-ROM drive to install windows?
Yes with most Toshiba laptops it only searches for the PCMCIA drive on boot up.
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