Is there an Add-in or some other software I can use to help me learn VBscript while I am working in FrontPage?

I know MS Access VBA fairly well.  VBA is the only computer language I know how to program.

I have to edit an existing website, specifically the ASP (not ASP.Net) code, which I think is written in VBscript because it looks a lot like the VBA code I am used to working with.

I use MS Access 2003 for database development and FrontPage 2003 to edit the VBscript in the website.  At the moment I am still learning the ASP by reading the O’Reilly’s book “ASP in a Nutshell” by A. Keyton Weissinger.

What I am used to in Access is pressing the F1 key and seeing the syntax of the VBA command.  Is there a FrontPage add-in or some other software I can use to help me learn the VBscript while I am working in FrontPage?

Any ideas for effectively learning and writing VBscript in FrontPage will be greatly appreciated.

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bigbillydotcomConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hey bob
I too am an access programmer, learned some VB, etc....
When web application development kicked off, we decided to make our application web enabled via ASP
We started using Microsoft Visual Interdev that came with Visual Studio 97
It has intellisense/code completion (shows keywords/methods/actions) and integrated help (F1 key)
this has since been replaced by Visual Studio .Net, but i beleive Interdev is an excellent tool to learn classic ASP
if you have it or can get a hold of it

Along the way you will need to become familiar with IIS (Internet Information Server) in order to create the
"websites" that will run your application

Also - the GREATEST help to me has been learning HTML - since all that ASP really does is process server side code (hence the active server) and spit out HTML

Once I learned the HTML code that needed to be created, learning how to create the Vbscript to "render" the HTML was right up my alley

So - IMHO, here is what you should do to effectively learn and write vbscript in frontpage

1 - Study as much about HTML as you can - go to websites you like, and click View...Source and see the underlying HTML and how it is used to create those webpages - Google HTML and you will find a ton of online resources - try and stick to "plain" HTML and stay away from Front Page/Dreamweaver etc.. type of sites

2 - Get a good book (I like Microsoft Press) on FrontPage to learn as much as you can about what FrontPage can do WITHOUT having to learn scripting

3 - Begin to look further into ASP pages by using other great online resources -, - etc.... Google ASP and you'll find a ton - try and pick thru and get the "classic" ASP tutorials

4 - If you have Visual Interdev, its still a great development tool for ASP - and most of what you will "learn" wil translate over to ASP.NET

5 - Practice...Practice..Practice

Hope that helps

dopyiiiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Learning a scripting or programming language is no different than learning a human language.  Once you have a good handle on one, you just have to learn how to say what you want in another.  So, once you know HOW to script, all you have to do is learn WHAT to script.  So, if you've already gotten a handle on scripting/programming, just patiently work with the new languages you're trying to learn.  Tutorials and books are necessary primers to help you learn the basics and mechanics of the language - in time you'll see results :)

I've included here a few links that might help you get going with VBScript in particular.  Remember that even though you have some experience with it, beginning tutorials can be beneficial because you need to learn the underlying reasons behind why a language behaves in the way it does.  That helps you write effective and maintainable code in that language.  It may seem like a waste of time to do so, but it's a small investment which can make learning the advanced stuff easier.

Basic information on the Microsoft Script editor:
MSDN Scripting home page:
VBScript and ASP scripting tutorials from FrontPageWorld:
Basic tutorials on FrontPage (good reference):
A VBScript tutorial:
Hints and VBScript samples:

And, of course, the granddaddy of all web development tutorial sites:  I'd recommend going here and doing the HTML tutorial, VBScript tutorial and the ASP tutorials (in that order).  That way, you learn basic browser stuff -> client-side scripting -> server-side scripting.

Good luck!
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