Cisco to Sonicwall VPN - payload processing error 500 points to winner

We have a Sonicwall 4060 enhanced. A customer of ours is useing a CISCO firewall and we have setup a SITE to SITE VPN tunnel. The tunnel comes up and thier users are able to access our resources via telnet but then randomly they drop connectivity. I was looking through the logs on the VPN IKE and found that the following error messages showed up.

156 06/19/2006 05:50:07.080 Info VPN IKE Received IKE SA delete request, 500, 500  
158 06/19/2006 05:50:07.080 Info VPN IKE Received IPSEC SA delete request, 500, 500 SPI:0x4441afce      
160 06/19/2006 05:50:03.080 Error VPN IKE NOTIFY: -payload processing error, 500, 500    

When this happens I think is when people are getting randomly dropped. Any idea what these errors are caused from?

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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a ISAKMP keepalive setting that is disabled on older versions of PIX.
Need to match the Sonicwall keepalive with the PIX
tabmpierceAuthor Commented:
It was the keep alive. We just turned it off all together. Thanks for the help.

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