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I have a lotus time sheet I designed that will be posted on our intranet site. I have it set up so when the employee completes it, they can notify their supervisor/manager who gets an email with a link to the form in their inbox. When they open the form, I would like them to approve/not approve the form and have it stamp it with their name.

I have the checkbox for approved/not approved, but..

1- How do I get the name field to update when they check one of the boxes.
2- How do I get the name field to show up at all. When going the web route, it doesn't pull up our address book.
3- I understand the form has to be an anonymous form to work for us. Does that sound right to you?

Any help you can provide would be great. Trying to go quick and dirty on this project, so I haven't wanted to investigate the approval cycle database template.
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Sjef BosmanConnect With a Mentor Groupware ConsultantCommented:
Wouldn't you agree with me that there's a huge gap between "trying to go quick and dirty on this" and "approve/not approve ... stamp it with their name" ? The proper way to sign a document you can find in the Designer Help database:

To attach signatures to controlled-access sections
If you set up a controlled-access section for signing, Domino attaches an electronic signature when the document containing the controlled-access section is saved.
To attach a signature to a document when it is saved:
  1.    Create a form with a controlled-access section.
  2.    In the controlled-access section, create at least one sign-enabled field. To sign-enable a form, assign the property "Sign if mailed or saved in section" in the Advanced tab of the Field Properties box.
  3.    Save and close the form.
Question, assuming that the intranet is for employees who need to access the application via a web browser.  BTW you can set up a secondary address book to list each of those people and give them a user name and password.  But when it's sent to the manager, does the manager have to use the intranet side?

Without the users listed in an address book then I think you're right in that the Access would have to be anoymous.  If you want to get the supervisor's name, or the user's name, then they're going to have to provide it.  I think the closest you can come is MAYBE  getting the user name off the client computer, theoretical - I've never tried this.

Once you bypass a sign-in, then you lose the ability to grab the username, I think. :)
If you do not  have the people accessing in an address book with Passwod, then there is no way to verify identity as
marilyng  commented.

You will need to resolve this first.
If you also  put the manager in the address book field, then you will have aneasy way to automatically determine  whom to mail the approval to.

Please provide mored etails, if this is not sufficient for your needs

I hope this helps !
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aeonflux2Author Commented:
Thanks so much for all of the responses!

This document will be available to over 20,000 ee's and 4,000 mgrs so I need to keep that in mind when trying the different scenario's you've each mentioned above. (I should have mentioned that on outset!)  I have a few meetings this morning but will try these solutions as soon as I'm finished.

With that many employees, you need to engage the HR department and see if they will export the names, departments so you can import them into a secondary nab. Or, you can have them register when they sign in. Might be easier.
aeonflux2Author Commented:
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