explorer.exe application failed 0xc0000022 on login - but worse

I managed to find a post that described the exact same symptons that I'm getting:


After trying everything mentioned and having the same problems:

try to run: sfc /scannow - loads but the load bar does not move

did an AVG virus scan found some viruses but still had problem after.
I'm thinking to do a Mcaffee safe scan as this sometimes finds more viruses.

Can't see anything in Hijackthis, did list shopper reports which I removed and said files were missing so
I guess irelevant.

Norton Ghost's scandisk does not find any physical errors but did truncate some files but still have the problem

What is worse is when I try to login to the recovery console the system at some random time, just turns off
and do not get as far as doing a chkdsk /r

If I try a windows repair it starts to run and again re-boots at 56% of copying files.

I thought maybe a memory error as suggested, so I ran Memtest and left till 41% overall and got tired of waiting
so decided to test the problem by trying EVERY different memory combination e.g. leaving a module out moving it to the other slot etc

I'm considering backing-up, formatting and re-installing but really don't want to.

Hope you can help
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zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
i would recommend using a different virus scanner for finding viruses.  AVG's detection isn't the best.  mcafee is better.

you might also run a quick spyware scan with something like Ewido or Spybot

along with fully testing the memory, i would test the hdd integrity (do to the problem you are having in recovery console).  i would definitely do the memory and hdd tests before formatting and reinstalling.

in some cases, when you know the OS is corrupt (and have ruled out hardware), it is easiest to re-install rather than trying to fix the various issues one by one.  i would recommend a repair install first... and if that doesn't do it, go for the big sha-bang and format/reinstall.
DamesterAuthor Commented:

I tried doing a repair again and it got stuck on disk check and said the drive was corrupted, I could'nt read the rest because it shut down.

I did read a post that told me to use the manufacture utilities to fix it but but I do not know the model of my hard drive in my Acer Aspire 1520 even after exhaustive searching.

On the basis that I can't do a repair will a format mark the sectors bad and resolve the problem?
zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
no.  you do not want to format if the drive is bad.  sure, there are ways to get it to mark bad sectors, but if a drive has bad sectors ... it's on its way out the door so the best solution is to replace the drive.

DFT works on most drive types.  run the advanced test:  http://www.hitachigst.com/hdd/support/download.htm
there is an .iso at the bottom of that page.  burn it to cd and boot up on the cd.  run the Advanced test.  it may take an hour or two.  green screen means the drive is good.  red is bad.  you can look up the disposition code from a red screen in the user's guide, which is also at the link i posted.
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zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
oh .. and DFT will tell you if the problems it finds are fixable or not.
DamesterAuthor Commented:
Excellent zephyr_hex I will give that a go tommorrow and tell you how it goes, its late here in the UK.

In the meantime if the HDD drive is fixable would you still recommend a replacement?

I've found drives to be fine for a while after and I judge it on weather these are teething bad sectors or an age issue,
oh and if it's a Maxator I think they are unreliable and would need replacing, agree?
zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
there are some errors that DFT will find that are fixable, and you don't need to replace the drive.  it will tell you (when you look up the disposition code in the user's manual).
there is no way to fix bad sectors.  they are physical errors on the drive.  it is possible to get those sectors excluded so that they are not used... but that is only a temporary solution.  sometimes the solution works for a bit, but sectors will continue to go bad and the drive will eventually fail completely.

maxtor is a decent hdd brand, as are western digital and seagate.  i would rate western digital and seagate above maxtor .. but i would not call maxtor bad/unreliable.
You know if you wanted to find out the make and model of your drive you could have used everest found here http://www.majorgeeks.com/download4181.html it will tell you all that kinds of stuff about all the hardware in your system.  Yes a format can fix these problems its called a low level format it sets the entire drive back to zeros and then can sometimes result in restoring the drives use.  I have used it many times on drives that were called unfixable by manufactures scans and were producing very strange errors.  These drives were used for many years after the failure and format with no problems what so ever.  
DamesterAuthor Commented:
Okay I ran DFT and came back with no errors (green screen) and a disposition code.
Does this mean that the corruption is a software issue and a format should fix it?

Does this mean I don't need to do a low level format as suggested.
I was familiar with this in the old days you could do it from BIOS how do you go about it now,
do you need to know the manufacture make or is there a generic util and if so which one would you recommend?

Thanks for the util Venom this will be handy in the future or maybe now depending on feedback.

I'm suspecting an inconsistant error with the memory but unless I run Memtest for five hours +
I don't think I can tell and even then I cannot be sure. :-(
Or an inconsistant problem on the hard drive controller which is why windows repair gets somewhere
sometimes and sometime not.

Feeling a bit lost
DamesterAuthor Commented:
Okay I have tried formatting from the windows CD and it shuts down.

So as suggested I will do a full memory test using memtest this will definetly tell me if I should replace the hard drive or the memory. I suspect memory because sometimes the hard drive tests show okay and I know memory can cause these inconsistant issues.

On this basis zephyr_hex was correct in suspecting the memory and have therefore awarded the points to him.

Thanks all for your replies.
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