How to disable the use of USB Storage devices In WINDOWS 2000 and Windows XP Pro

i want to know the solution how to disable the use of  Mass Storage devices such as pendrives in Windows2000 and WindowsXP Pro,apart from the solution"Registry".
Thanks in advance
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Start/Control Panel/System/Device Manager/ - open Universal Serial bus controllers -- right click on each one and select 'disable'.
If you don't need to use any usb device you can disable the usb from BIOS.
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if you want a system to disable the use that cannot be reset by users, you need to block the usb ports mechanically; close  them with glue, or inhibit mechanical access.
All other can be reset.
One thing you can do is use a password protection on them.
To disable only storage devices you can remove c:\windows\system32\drivers\disk.sys

First removing "disk.*" from:
C:\WINDOWS\Driver Cache\

And then login just with a limited session.
here's a solution that does not affect the registry at all.

Open a DOS Shell and type
  cd %systemroot%\inf
Change the permissions of usbstor.inf and usbstor.pnf using cacls.exe

  cacls usbstor.inf /p SYSTEM:N
  cacls usbstor.pnf /p SYSTEM:N

/p replaces current permissions and in this case, it removes all access. Instead of SYSTEM, any valid username or group name can be used. N specifies No Access.

The above solution, disables installation for drivers of USB devices. To undo do the following:

  Start Windows in Safe Mode
  Start / Run. Type %systemroot%\inf
  Locate usbstor.inf.
  Right click on it and click Properties / Security Tab
  Remove SYSTEM [or whatever username of group name you applied to cacls at the previous step]
  Click Advanced
  Turn on Allow inheritable permissions
  Click OK to save the change and OK again to close the Properties window.
  Repeat for usbstor.pnf.

Hope that helped ;)
brianvanschellebeckAuthor Commented:
Hi all,thanks for the solution given to disable the use of storage devices.
It does work for new pendrives that are being  inserted but what about those that has previously been installed ? It still can be detected by windows . Thanking you in advance
You can remove theirs drivers from device manager
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