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Disaster Recovery Plan !

Now planning disaster recovery plan for my company various server/ system, is there any good/ variuos  Disaster Recovery Plan , load balancing ..techolog?

please give information or web link. Thanks!
2 Solutions
There are many. It all depends on what type of hw you have existing and what your budget is for a project like this.

DR= backups, testing, hw redundancy, sw redundancy, hot swaps, clustering, security, % downtime allowed, etc.

You need to define what you plan to get out of your DR plan.
Hello gps, The obvious stuff is using RAID5 array with striping, Create an ERD(emergency repair disk), Backup files and data, daily and weekly. Disaster Prevention measures are equally important.Change P/W's frequently, Limit access to users (permissions), stand alone firewall rather than software only, to name but a few.These are some software companies specializing in disaster recovery:      Hope this helps...Booda2us
The bad news here is that very few people have lots of experience of dealing with disasters (and contingencies). Management tends to want to ignore this type of thing until everything goes wrong, and consequently loathe spending money on it! Also a very large proportion of small companies without a disaster plan go bankrupt as a result!

Key point is to get the management to state what is acceptable from a disruption perspective under certain conditions, and you then tell them what it will cost. They make the critical decisions!

The good news is that lots of people have had to deal with a disaster, and you can learn from their mistakes!

I strongly recommend having a look at this:

Although it deals with generid planning, it gives excellent pointers for the IT world. It'll take you through the process, and give you 'confidence' to make the management let you do what you need to do.

In particular note that the IT disaster/contingency planning *MUST* be part of the overall company plan (e.g building gets burnt down etc)

Consider and plan your actions for complete destruction! - Alternative site, install infrastructure, replace data...will it work, and how long will it take.

Consider for complete failure of each component within your infrastructure - Tabulate it, and look at the effects. Remember that the cost of having a spare in the office is normally cheaper than the risk of a person/room/floor of employees being unable to work effectively.

Consider the effect of you getting killed, or indeed any of your IT assistants. What will the result be? Many companies insist that top execs are not allowed to fly on the same plane.

Now consider floods/power disruption etc and look at the effects.

If the management is happy with what would happen, then great! - document it and get them to sign it off. If not, get them to decide what is acceptable, and then make sure they pay for it. This type of exercise is a great way of getting dosh out of tight-fisted execs;)

What size of your company? (number of PCs , number of servers)
Which services do you wand to include in disaster plan?
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