File Sharing on a windows box

I have heard of people sharing using "IP" over a mac instead of Apple talk.  So if a mac wants to connect to a pc just using its IP address, what protocol is it using ?  SMB ?  what is the difference?

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I connected my pc and mac at home by just connecting them both to the same ethernet cable and enabling sharing on the mac and using the network wizard on pc. Here's some tutorials:

Ip by firewire:
Yes, you can use samba. All you have to do is make sure that it's got the same workgroup name (usually MSHOME). Then, in finder, you choose Connect to server, type in the IP like this smb:// As long as the Windows PC is sharing a folder, the Mac will be able to connect to it.
Also, see the two links at the left of this page for Mac/PC file sharing setup:
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