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Failed to open the default message store using the MAPI profile "BlackberryManager"

Hi there,

I am in the process of installing a Windows 2003 SP1 server that will be a dedicated Blackberry Enterprise Server.  I have successfully registered for and downloaded the Blackberry Enterprise Server Express 4.1 software for Microsoft Exchange from the vendor.

I installed Windows 2003 SP1 and then Exchange 2003 System Manager SP1.  This is the same SP as to what is on my Exchange server.  I am able to logon to the domain and use Exchange System Manager to perform administrative tasks on my separate Exchange server.  

I then logged on using the domain Administrator account and began the installation process for BES.  According to the initial setup screen it was quite happy with the MAPI settings and could see my Exchange server.  Everything went smoothly in that it was happy with my product/authentication/CAL keys and I was able to successfully see the host via port 3101.

The installation appeared to have completed successfully.  

However, when I go to run the Blackberry Manager program, I get the following message at startup:

"Failed to open the default message store using the MAPI profile "BlackberryManager".  Please review the log for details.  You will not be able to send messages from the Blackberry Manager by email".

In the Blackberry installation guide, in section 3, there is a section on "Configuring your environment".  I have followed these instructions to the best of my ability but they are not exactly high in detail.  I am assuming that I have not configured Microsoft Exchange permissions for the service account properly but I can't see how to do this in detail.

Does anybody have any ideas as to what is causing the message I am getting and how I can perform the steps on page 24 of the guide, namely:

1. Set Exchange View Only Administrator permission with Administrative Groups as the minimum access level
2. Set Send As, Receive As, and Administer Information Store permissions at the server level

It would be helpful also if someone could provide me with details on how to set the Microsoft SQL Server permissions as well, as per page 25 of the installation guide.

I am also assuming that the BESAdmin account that needs to be created is basically so that you do not have to use the domain Administrator account for the BES stuff?  Have I mucked things up by installing all this as domain Administrator?  Do I need to do anything in SQL to change things to BES rather that domain Administrator?

Thanks very much!

1 Solution
Gary CutriCommented:
Normally you should create a BESadmin account first and just make it a domain user.  Once you have done that you make Besadmin a local admin of that machine.  Once you have done that you make besadmin a "Exchange View Only Administrator" and then also in ESM you set the permissions to allow BESadmin rights to "Send as", Receive as" and "Administer Information Store" at the server level.  Also you need to go into the local Security policy and allow BESadmin rights to log on locally and as a service.  Once you have done this you install BES under the BESadmin account.

You message of "Failed to open the default message store using the MAPI profile "BlackberryManager"" is common but all you need to do is go into the BlackBerry program group and open the BES Server Configuration and re-enter the MAPI account you want to use being the BESadmin account.

peterkennedyAuthor Commented:
Thanks garycutri,

With the local security policy (where I need to allow BESadmin rights to log on locally and as a service), I do this on the server that will be the BES?

Is there anything else I need to do on the Exchange server side of things other than make the BESadmin account "Exchange View Only Administrator" and setting the relevant permissions?
peterkennedyAuthor Commented:
Also, how do I make BESadmin an Exchange View Only Administrator of my server (and for that matter, how do I set the permissions)?  I just don't to change it in the wrong place and break my Exchange server...
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Gary CutriCommented:
Go into Admin tool and select "Local Security Policy", within here go to Local Policies and then "User Rights Assignment".  In here you will see the options I mentioned, just add the BESadmin account to these.  If you added BESadmin to the local Administror group you will see "Administrators" is already in the Log in Locally" field.  So in theory you should only have to find "Log on as service" and add besadmin.

To make BESadmin an Exchange View Only Administrator you go into exchange system manager and right mouse click on the "DOMAINNAME (Exchange)" and select "Delegate Control".  The wizard will appear and you just have to add BESadmin as an Exchange View Only Administrator.

Another thing you can check when this happens is the Microsoft Exchange System Attendant service on the mail server.  We run Exchange 2007.  For some reason, when the server is rebooted, that service does not start automatically.  If that service is not running, you will not be able to do queries against the GAL.  To check, launch the MAPI profile editor on the BES and re-enter the account you are using and click the Check name button.  If it works, this is not the problem.  If it does not work, check whether the System Attendant service is running on the mail server.
This is an excelent article from blackberry that describes BESadmin permissions in detail.
What if I've done all these things and verified everything listed here and mentioned int he Blackberry article and it still give me this error?
I've got the Professional software and it set up beautifully and configurations were easy enough but I must have missed something somewhere...
Anything really obscure out there that people have had to do?
Becuase we have 2 mail servers running at the same time (2003 migrating to 2007) while moving the mailboxes the MAPI client (Edit MAPI Profile) was using the wrong server and user, change that to the right server and besadmin user, it works.
To BCA-Admin: Check your Exchange 2007 setup: when 2007 is being installed a prompt appears asking to allow or disallow Microsoft Outlook 2003 or earlier from connecting to it. If this option is set to disallow the installation doesnt create a Public Folder Database. BES uses the Offline Address Book, via Public Folder distribution, to access the Global Access List. To resolve this issue just manually create a Public Folder Database (Exchange Management Console - Server Configuration - Mailbox, then Database Managment tab) on the Exchange Server and manually configure Offline Address Book (EMC - Organization Configuration - Mailbox, then Offline Address Book tab), making sure to check off "Enable Public Folder distribution". If the Offline Adress Book is already there - and it should be - all you need to do is check the "Enable Public Folder distribution" box under the Distribution tab of this dialog box and check all boxes under "Client Support". Restart the Exchange server. It should work now . . .

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