How to select the whole column from a view?

Dear Experts,

I have use @DbLookup and @DbColumn to select the whole column.
But it doesn't work, I cannot get the value.
Is there any setting in the view or form is needed?

Thank You all

Have a nice day
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CRAKConnect With a Mentor Commented:
@DbColumn should do just that, unless it retrieves more than 64k of data: that will result in an error message.
The column number specified may also be affected if the view contains columns that contain constants or (solely) the formula's @DocChildren, @DocDescendants, @DocLevel, @DocNumber, @DocParentNumber, @DocSiblings, @IsCategory or @IsExpandable. Such columns are skipped in the column count, which might result in another error: for retrieving a non-existing column no.

If you catch the result in a variable, what does @Elements() return? Try something like this:

Lst := @DbColumn(...<your parameters>...);
   @Prompt([ok]; ""; Lst);
   @Prompt([ok]; ""; @Text(@Elements(Lst)))

It should show the no. of retrieved rows!
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
What's you're formula, and what does your view column look like?

@DbColumn will grab a whole column indeed, but watch out that you don't go over the 64K data limit (all text together). @DbLookup will only get part of a column.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Oooh, bad English:  you're -> your
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I believe you will also need the first column in your view to be sorted/categorised (either ascending or descending)
Certainly for the @DBLookup to work this is the case. This can be set under column properties second tab.

Just my $2.59 ;)
@DbColumn does NOT require sorting.
@DbLookup does, but it doesn't have to be the 1st column in the view. The provided keyvalue is matched with the first sorted column; even if that's e.g. the 3rd in the view!
that's what I meant CRAK - thanks for clarifying
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