How to use parse_opts to specify CVS tree as an option

I have a perl script which will need a way to specify the version of the tool that it will invoke.

Eg: run_app -cvstree  app_1.0.1.

I will be using parse_opts to parse the cmd line options. But it not clear to me how to write code to pick the CVS Tree branch as specified in the cmd line option.

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Adam314Connect With a Mentor Commented:
According to that (and some other sites), it sounds like you can only access a particular version of a file if you check it out.  Is this correct?
Can you view a particular version of a file with out checking it out?
Suhas .QA ManagerCommented:
Hi AnuPutcha,
To run command line options in script use system:

system("run_app -cvstree app_1.0.1");

Could you clearify, I'm not sure what you want to do?
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use Getopt::Long;
my $branch;
$result = GetOptions("cvstree=s" => \$branch);

AnuPutchaAuthor Commented:
I want to be able to specify a CVS branch as an option to a perl script so that the right version of the script is selected. Also can someone tell me how to see the CVS tree/ a cmd to see CVS tree?

How would you specify which branch to run if you ran it from the command line?
Or how would you view a particular version of a file if you wanted to view it?

Once you have that, use the system command to start the same script, but the correct version.  

Suhas .QA ManagerCommented:
AnuPutchaAuthor Commented:
You are correct, apparently I cannot access a version without checking it out locally. I din't know this before and so I was thinking I could do that and wnated to know how to access CVS branch without checking it out.

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