WebOutlook access on Win2003 SBS

Posted on 2006-06-21
Last Modified: 2007-12-19

We have a Windows 2003 SBS Server and we can not access the Outlook web client from the internet anymore.
I can access any mail account on http://localhost/exchange local but I get a error page anytime I try from the Internet.
If I connect from the Internet to  I get the "companyweb" home page but nothing else from there so that
http://public ip/exchange only get's an error message.

I need some directions...

Question by:cemag
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Expert Comment

ID: 16949876
Hi,  by the looks of the problem you are describing you only have a single nic on your SBS server.  

If you have a single nic on the server, you may want have a look at the IIS administration console and open the properties page of the companyweb web site and view on the Web Site Tab.  Check that the company web has been set to use a specific IP address and not option "All-Unassigned". Also click on the Advanced button to the right of the IP address box to open the view the advanced Web identification page.  Make sure you only have IP address to "companyweb" and IP address to "companyweb.YOURDOMAIN.LOCAL" entries and none other.  (please note that you should have no entries where the IP address is listed as Default except for the SSL section - make sure that the SSL port is something other than 443, it might be 444)

Once you have verified this, open the properties of the default web site.
The settings should be:
IP Address:  (all unassigned)
Advanced IP settings => IP address (default), TCP port (80), Host Header Value ( )
SSL Setting => IP address (default), TCP port (443)

Once you have performed this task, close all the property sheets, Right Click on [your_comuter_name] in the IIS Manager, select  from the drop down menu All Tasks => Restart IIS.

Once the IIS services have restarted, attempt to access the web sites again.


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Expert Comment

ID: 16949881
You can always also run the wizard again.

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Expert Comment

by:Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasy
ID: 16949913

I apologize if there was something I misunderstood after your last question, I thought we had resolved this.  At any rate I want to be sure that we are both on the same page, literally...

I think that the web page that you are referring to as "companyweb" is really just the SBS default web page, and not the SharePoint Companyweb intranet site.  The default page looks like this: and the SharePoint Companyweb looks like this:

So when you say that http://<publicip>/exchange gets an error, what EXACTLY is the error message.  Also, can you please confirm if you are able to access either http://localhost/remote from the server, or https://<publicip>/remote from the Internet?  If not, what EXACT error message do you get for either.

Then, please open the Server management console and check to see that both the "Backup" and "Monitoring & Reporting" screens display information rather than an error message.

Finally, please go to http://companyweb on your server and see if that goes to the SharePoint site, or gives you an error.

Again, please report back all errors exactly as you see them.  

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Author Comment

ID: 16982682

I followed your instructions but so far it does not work.
If  I open http://PublicIP I get the welcome page but nothing else from there.
The error I get is the standard browser error when a page can not be find:
"Can not connect to the server
Firefox can  not establish a connection to the IP address..."
I get the same if I try http://PublicIP/exchange of /remote.
Both /exchange and /remote works well on http://localhost.
From the Internet I can only connect to the welcome page. That’s all. Nothing from there.

If I go to http://companyweb now I get the following error :
“You are not authorized to view this page
You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.”

I don’t get that error if I go to http://localhost but the welcome page (

The server have two network adapters (LAN & WAN). The LAN is on range and the WAN on
The WAN is directly connected to a ADSL modem on
The WebOutlook was working until a few days a go. Nothing was changed on the server (that I know).
The "company web" was after the installation never available from the Internet, only from the local network.
I don’t have much experience with the SharePoint server so I had put it on my “to do list” for a while.

The bottom line is that the exchange issue is very important to us and the SharePoint is just nice to have. I have the feeling that the two have a common problem.
May or not be important but this is a remote site I am connecting thru a VPN connection for remote admin.

I have made a few screenshots from the IIS configuration for the different sites.

Thank you!
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Accepted Solution

Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasy earned 250 total points
ID: 16999399
First, I should point out that the instructions provided by itcoza are not recommended because you should never manually configure anything on an SBS that can be configured by the wizards.  In this case, all of these settings should be configured by the Configure Email and Internet Connection Wizard (which also sets up all the proper IIS permissions and ports).

It may be too late though in your case because it looks as though you HAVE done some manual configuration... since the Sharepoint Administration site somehow has port 444 on it, and that's for the companyweb site.  Also you've extended FrontPage Extensions onto the SharePoint Administration site which shouldn't have them.

Even though you say "Exchange is important and SharePoint is nice to have"  they are related and you need to fix them both to make sure that everything works right.

HOWEVER... it looks as though you also have CA ETrust installed as your Virus Protection.  Am I correct?  (ETrust installs Apache Tomcat and that would be the only way that you'd get an error such as the one in your screenshot... unless for some reason you've installed Apache Tomcat otherwise.  What version of ETrust are you running?  What instructions did you follow to install this?

ETrust must be a Small Business Server version and you must follow the prescribed methods to install... if you installed it before you had IIS (OWA, Remote Web Workplace, Companyweb) running and working properly, it could have blocked the proper installation of those items.

At this point, rather than trying to straighten all of this out, you will need to uninstall ETrust as well as Apache and it's related components.  Then you will need to reinstall Companyweb which should reset everything properly as long as you follow this KB article:

Be sure to completely delete all items as directed per the article-- both in the file system as well as the registry.

Once you get back to square one, and have things running properly, you can then reinstall ETrust according to the proper method as directed by CA.


Author Comment

ID: 16999850

Yes I have changed the configuration manually when I found out that does not work. I had to try something.
You are right that the (exchange, IIS and Share-Point) applications are pretty much squized together and if you change anything to one of them you may screw the other one.
What I don't understand is why it does work locally but not from the internet.
I also get the standars browser error page on http://localhost but it I get the default welcome page on http://zen(servername)????

This will be the last time I gonna use the SBS version. It seems simple and cheaper in the begin but...

Back to the problem (I still have).

The only software installed on the server are:
McAfee Enterprise 8.0 Antivirus/AntiSpyware
Symantec BackupExec 10
Online Backup Agent (AHSay OBS Client for remote back-up)
That's it! No Apache of any other Webservers.

Do you think that reinstalling SharePoint (companyweb) will solve my webmail (Outlook) problem?
What if I uninstall SharePoint at all? Does wil make thinks easier?
I only need vpn for teleworking and web outlook on that server. I want it simple. Less software less problems.

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Expert Comment

by:Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasy
ID: 17000051
Too bad you say it'll be the last time you use SBS.  You just need to understand that it's important to follow the installation instructions explicitly... then you'll have a great, easy to manage server!  

At any rate, Apache Tomcat IS running on your server due to the AHSay Backup installation.  I breezed through their Administrator's guide and there are specific instructions about how to modify the ports if you are already using 80 and 443 (which you are with SBS).  So you need to adjust these on the AHSay installation.  (see page 53 of

It does not make it easier if you uninstall SharePoint... what makes it easier is if you install and configure an SBS according to it's default configuration and settings.  Please follow the KB article I posted above and configure the server as it was meant to be.


Author Comment

ID: 17000111

That was just fustration... In general i like SBS.
There is no Ahsay Backup Server installed on that machine, only the client which connect to the server thru the Internet.

You are right about the standard installation and I didn't other way.
I have started to change thinks when problems occur.

I will follow the KB above and will see what that brings.
For now, thanks!

LVL 74

Expert Comment

by:Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasy
ID: 17000119
You first have to find out why Apache Tomcat is installed and remove it!

Your image at: is not a normal SBS error... you would only get that if you have Apache installed.

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Expert Comment

by:Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasy
ID: 17000123
Oh, nevermind... I understand now... is generating that error.


Author Comment

ID: 17002290
The is a different server, the Online backup server.
The one with the problem is a remote office I am administrating.


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