Pix 501 Version 6.3(5) - Can not enable vpdn on the same interface as PPPoE.

Hi all,

I get the message "Can not enable vpdn on the same interface as PPPoE."  Pix is used for internet access.  Setup VPN (PPTP) using VPN wizard but cannot enable outside port due to this message.
Can you advise.
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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not as long as you are also a PPoE client to the ISP.
Unless you setup another Windows server just for the PPTP inside the PIX, but you can't do that without a 2nd static IP address for a 1-1 nat. I don't think that you can get another IP with PPPoE client since it is dynamic.
It's pretty simple. You can't use the PIX as a vpdn client for PPPoE to the ISP and also as a PPTP client endpoint server for your users at the same time.
Your alternative is to use the Cisco IPSEC VPN client instead of Microsoft PPTP client for remote users
freshfordianAuthor Commented:
Hi Irmoore,

Thanks for you comment.  Is there any way that we can use Microsoft PPTP?
It is the preferred alternative as the VPN users change consistently.

freshfordianAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your advice.  I'llrun with the Cisco Client Software.

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