Cannot ping FTP site at location, but can at other client's

Posted on 2006-06-21
Last Modified: 2013-12-14
Hello and thanks for the help.

I have a client "A" that cannot ping, tracert, or connect to via FTP to their Client "B".  The Client "B" has an FTP site up and running which has been tested from Clients "C" through "Z", i.e. a lot of other sites.  At Client "A", we try to ping the Client "B", but it times out.  Also, a tracert to Client "B" from Client "A" comes up with * * * and dies after about 8 hops.  I have talked with the ISP at Client "A" and the ISP techs can perform the Tracert and a ping successfully.  Also, the ISP can connect to the Client "B" FTP site successfully.  The ISP claims that we are blacklisted from the BLARSBL with a code of &  I have other clients with the same blacklist and they can connect to the Client "B" FTP Site.

Any thoughts?
Question by:aaronscorp
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Author Comment

ID: 16963203
Is thing on?
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Expert Comment

ID: 16965071
Black lists generally deal with e-mail not ftp.

Do you have firewall at either of the sites.  Most firewalls are configured to block/drop ICMP (pings).
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Accepted Solution

Craig_200X earned 250 total points
ID: 16973420
Like Giltjr says, we are talking about a block list for email - to me it looks like they are blocking the IP not just the port. that would explain this problem. the thing to do is locate the owner/company in the route (where it dies)  and get them to allow his IP. BLARSBL looks like a nut to me personally - when you google it the second site argues the guy is crazy... not to mention he wants $1000 to remove a site from the list.... that alone sounds like a scam to me.

I think your best bet is to locate the site where the list is being used and get them to use a different block list or get your IP of client A change off that domain that is listed as a spammer.
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Assisted Solution

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ID: 16973797
Opps, I missed that your ISP stated you were on BLARSBL.   This guy is either joking or a nut case.  No serious company uses this list.  I honestly think every IP address on the world is on this list  Here is a quote from his site:

"In general, an entire netblock is added rather than just a single IP or customer of a larger ISP. (For example, if hugeisp has a /16 that they allocate a single /24 to spamcustomer, the /16 will be listed rather than just the /24.) An entire ISP may be added if they show a pattern of rejecting valid spam complaints for invalid reasons."

Say I have a /26 (62 usable hosts) allocated to me out of my ISP's /16. and I happen to have a open relay or start spamming people from 1 of my IP addresses.  He does NOT list my ONE IP address.  He does not even list just my /26.    He lists the whole /16 which means instead of 1 host, or 62 host he is listing 65,535 some odd hosts.  

Heck based on the quote, if I get a /27 or /28 out of a /8 he is going to list the whole /8, over 16 million addresses.   His site has to be a joke.  No company is going to block 16 million addresses because ONE is bad.
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Expert Comment

ID: 16975571
Jesus. I missed that part. That guy IS crazy.

Expert Comment

ID: 17048277
Is your client A connected from a corporate network or from own network.

Something may have block FTP access and ping port on the client A side since from your ISP at Client A they are able to ping and perform tracert.

try doing ping and tracert to other site such if it cannot that mean internally within his own network something is block.


Expert Comment

ID: 17056499
do u have firewall at client "A" ??

Author Comment

ID: 17310599
Thanks for replying to the questions.  Here is what happened when I gave up looking for a response.

I couldn't get a hold of the company to allow us access to get to the FTP site since it was verizon.  Good luck gettting someone there to open the IP address / range.  I went back to the ISP which is a local company on DSL.  I used the give me a new range or I will take my business elsewhere since I knew another range would work.  After the new IP range was in place, I still do not have a issue, yet.

Thanks for your help.  On a side note, I think the BLARS list / dude is a nut.

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