Rehoming Offline Addressbook - strange folders?

Greetings all,

We recently build a new Exchange server and installed 2003.  We are migrating from our old 2000 Exchange server.

I am currently using MS Article ID: 307917 to step through removing the first Exchange 2000 Server from our site.

Step 2-f in the document says the following:

Expand the /o=Organization Name/cn=addrlists/cn=oabs/cn=Default Offline Address List folder, and then click the OAB Version 2 folder. Right-click this folder, and then click Properties.

After ensuring the OAB Version 2 folder is in sync and rehoming it I noticed two other folders which are OAB Version 3a and OAB Version 4.

The artlcle mentions nothing about these two folders.  They both say they are "In Sync" but I am not sure if I should go ahead and complete the rehoming process on them as well.  Anyone have some good advise?  Why would these folders not be included in the document?

Thanks for any advise!
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oab v3a and 4 are exchange 2003 specific, so they should be homed on the 2003 server already.

netadminsAuthor Commented:
Thank you Kris!  That is just the information I needed!
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