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Distribution Accounts send Duplicate Emails

2003 SBS Server, Exchange 2003. I have a small company of around 50 staff and 300 associates(real esate). The Active Directory is assembled as so: Each staff member is set up as a user account, each associate is setup as a contact and company Distribution Groups are "universal" (there is only one domain).
As new associate accounts are setup, the SMTP is modified to reflect thier 3rd party email address. They are then entered into one of the distribution groups.

Problem: When an email is sent to a distribution group, the individuals listed as contacts will receive the email anywhere from 5-11 times. The users on the domain (checking through Outlook) do not receive duplicates.

I have rebuilt the dist. groups, limited the number of contacts in them....still happeniing. I have had this problem for over a month now and I really need a cure. I am even willing to let someone RDP into the server to take a look Exchange.
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I had a very similiar problem.  Any one connecting to my server externally was recieving multiple messages.  The cause of my problem was a malfunctioning Anti-Spam appliance.  It was filtering out the delivery comfirmation so the server kept sending the email.

A reboot corrected my problem.  There is a KB article discussing this problem, and it association with a Firewall issue.  I will locate that article and post here.

Take a look at this article, maybe it will help.
Travis_LemmonsAuthor Commented:
Now that you mention that, I have some additional information. Please look at this.
All of our associates belong to the same server in our corp enviroment. This server is hosted by usa.net. I have contacted the postmaster there to try to resolve this because the duplicated only seem to happen when mailed to this server. EXAMPLE: I created a distribution group called "Test". In this group I placed around 20 of our contacts (all of thier email address point to usa.net) All of them received the test message multiple times. Now, I took the same distribution group and changed 3 of the contacts email address to thier home emails (comcast, SBC ect). I sent the test message again. Those three that I changed only received the email 1 time, everyone else multiple times.

Here is usa.nets comment:
I checked lisa.morris and found 5 separate connections for the duplicate emails with subject: Banners Banner Banners!!!   The logs and email headers are shown below:
Please, check the sending server and advise if we can be of further assistance.
7313  [00634] Jun 12 22:08:05 004296154  ok   unk  (thecoldwellbankeradvantage.com/   ) bmason@thecoldwellbankeradvantage.com
7313  [00634] Jun 12 22:08:12 004296542  ok   unk  (thecoldwellbankeradvantage.com/   ) bmason@thecoldwellbankeradvantage.com
7313  [00634] Jun 12 22:08:17 004296754  ok   unk  (thecoldwellbankeradvantage.com/   ) bmason@thecoldwellbankeradvantage.com
7313  [00634] Jun 12 22:08:21 004296991  ok   unk  (thecoldwellbankeradvantage.com/   ) bmason@thecoldwellbankeradvantage.com
7313  [00634] Jun 12 22:08:26 004297210  ok   unk  (thecoldwellbankeradvantage.com/   ) bmason@thecoldwellbankeradvantage.com
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