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Want to use NDM for File transfer other than FTP.


I have one mainframe job which is using FTP initially to pickup a file from mq server and recently there was a change that blocked "port- which is used for FTP" for security compliance. Hence we are not able to FTP anymore. We are now trying to  use NDM for the transfer.

Can you tell me
- How to check whether the NDM is feasible at sending, receiving and mqserv?
- IS there the need of Stratus involved in using NDM for transfer , If so what is the role if Stratus?

 Can you please send more information u know regarding the chage of mainfraome job from FTP to NDM.
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It appears that it can send and receive, but I don't know about mqserv. Worryingly, it appears that NDM is a legacy piece of software, and as such I'd recommend avoiding it. This link is worth a read wrt replacements:


I presume that you don't have ssh/scp options available?

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m_razeshAuthor Commented:
Yeah I dont have SSH available..
Which port was blocked?  Why?  Was it ftp or the fact that the ftp was in clear text?  ftp can be configured to use specific ports.  

What type of mainframe?  What OS?

Are you still actually running NDM or do you have Connect:Direct?  Which replaced it?

Do you have NDM on the mainframe?

I would assume if ftp was blocked due to security, that all IP ports unless needed were blocked.  So unless you plan to use real SNA for the network connection, you may still have issues with NDM.
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m_razeshAuthor Commented:
Port 20/21 got blocked - fro security erasons

mainframe - OS390

I have jobs running using NDM on mainframe for different applications. But I am not sure How to map this particular FTP job with the NDM jobs i have. The confusion here is ... I am not getting how to know whether the NDM will be feasible at the source ....and how to map this new job with the port ( I am not sure whether the below port num)
ndm-server      1364/tcp   Network DataMover Server
ndm-server      1364/udp   Network DataMover Server

Can u brief me on " to use real SNA for the network connnection"... How it will effect my file transfer...

Is this transfer being done inside of your company network, over a "private network" to a business partner, or over the Internet?

I would strongly suggest that you work with your security group and try to get ftp unblocked.  Is 21 really blocked, or just 20?  They may have setup so that active data sessions (port 20) are no longer allowed, but they may still allow passive data sessions.

NDM is no more or less secure than ftp when it is properly setup.  Assuming you are really running a recent version z/OS instead of OS/390 (which is no longer supported) you can setup ftp to support TLS/SSH encrypted sessions.

Before going down the NDM path, I would make sure that your security staff is allowing port 1364.  Generally all "high" ports (anything above 1023) are blocked automatically.

m_razeshAuthor Commented:
I checked with the security group and they told that the 20/21 ports got blocked.

NDM transfer id for the company network.

I want to know what does " z/OS instead of OS/390 ( which is no longer used)..." As the company is using OS 390.. as of my knowledge...
Umm, IBM no longer supports OS/390.  It was replaced by z/OS.  You can still run it, but if you have problems IBM will not help.


OS/390 V2.10, the "newest" version.release of OS/390 had support dropped 09/30/2004.

Well then you either can configure ftp to use ports other than the standard ports or try to get NDM to work.  Do you already have NDM for OS/390 and Stratus?  

If you have MQ, why not try to setup something between "OS/390" and the stratus box using MQ?
Hello Razesh,

Alternative to Secure Shell (SSH),  Secure FTP (SFTP) for enterprise enhanced file transfer-


Hope this helps,


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