Wireless Calendar Sync suddenly disabled for all (150+) Blackberry Users on BES 4.0

The subject says it all, took a look today and all the users in BES Manager have Wireless Calendar Sync turned off for some reason, not good, seeing as all of them had it turned on!

Have tried...

Resend Service Book,
Resend IT Policy,
Reset User,
Make a new It Policy,
Restart Services,
Restart Machine,

Does anyone know why this happened or what might have caused it, and how I can somehow force 150+ user's Blackberries to re-enable Wireless Calendar Sync?

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Gary CutriConnect With a Mentor Data & Communications SpecialistCommented:
**********TESTS PERFORMED ON BES 4.1**********

Disable Wireless calendar on handheld and the change IT Policy to "DISABLE WIRELESS CALENDAR SYNC" to FALSE.  Resend IT Policy
The calendar was still disabled on the device and the option to change from yes or no was still selectable.

With the Calendar still set to disabled on the device I changed the IT Policy to "DISABLE WIRELESS CALENDAR SYNC" to TRUE
The option to disable wireless calendar sync was removed from the device.

The option to disable or enable reappeared on the device but it was still set to no (disabled).

It appears the IT Policy settings in BES 4.1 are the same as version 4.  If anyone has any other ideas for testing let me know as I now have a test box which I can make any changes I require.

Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
Check if any policy changes have been made.
seems kinda odd for that to happen; there is no way to go into the individual properties to mass-enable Calendar Sync.  it will have to be done individually per user property.

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matt_trotterAuthor Commented:
No policy changes have been made, everyone is still bound to our standard IT Policy which allows everything. It is almost as if everyone decided to go into calendar options and turn off wireless calendar sync.

Is there no way to tell the handhelds via BES to enable calendar sync? There are plenty of options to disable it, just none to force it.

This blows.

I would love to know what caused this so measures can be put in place that prevent this from happening in the future.

Any other takers?
capgroupConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I remember we had something similar after a patch was applied or a server outage - not sure anymore. But I can say for sure that there is no way to remotely turn on the wireless calendar sync as we had to manually check the settings for our 280+ users.
matt_trotterAuthor Commented:
Give another round of applause to RIM ladies and gentlemen!

Amazing the person who decided to put the "DISABLE WIRELESS CALENDAR" option in IT Policy left out "FORCE WIRELESS CALENDAR"

Who lets these people write software?
But you said no Policy changes had been made.  So what happened ?

Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
You can set the "DISABLE WIRELESS CALENDAR" to false and then resend the IT policy.
Please correct me if I am wrong, but as far as I know that will only "allow" it to be turned on - it won't automatically turn it on.
matt_trotterAuthor Commented:
Yes, you cannot enable it, you can only disable it.

Someone on BBForums mentioned that they believe that BES 4.1 allows this.

Does anyone know for sure if 4.1 allows you to turn wireless calendar sync on from the BES software? If so, I will be upgrading.

To answer SysExpert, no one knows what happened. We have 4 different service providers on our BES, so it wasn't a Provider issue, and we can't seem to nail it down to a particular thing. HOWEVER, capgroup mentioned that after a server outage or patch application, the same happened, now we haven't applied any patches, but the server was down for about 1 hour while we did some hardware maintainence on a weekend, so it is possible that that caused it. Could someone explain to me why wireless cal sync would disable itself after a short server outage? What could possibly be the reasoning for that. Imagine if you had 1000 Blackberries and this happened.

It is too bad that Visto's Enterprise Server doesn't work with blackberries. I would drop BES in a second after the hayday I have had with RIM.
Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
Are you running MSDE or SQL Server?  There could have been a database error which caused your devices to deactivate the calendar syncing.
matt_trotterAuthor Commented:
We are running MSDE, but the only thing that happened that is a for sure is that the server was down for about an hour.

Have you had a problem with a database corruption or error causing this?

Also, anyone got an answer to the 4.1 and forcing wireless cal option?
I am still waiting to get a Maint. Window to upgrade to 4.1, so I do not know.

Have you checked the documentation for 4.1 ?
matt_trotterAuthor Commented:
I have been flipping through it, but no info as of yet.
hey another thought is delete the BES entry and recreate for key users that urgently needs this feature enabled and then either wait for 4.1 or over a period of time do any other user.

matt_trotterAuthor Commented:
I have also tried deleting and re-adding the user to the BES and to no avail.

So the official solution to this problem is...


Well Gary, that solves that. Works exactly like 4.0, what a suprise. :-) I will divy the points up to Gary for checking 4.1 and Capgroup for going through the same problem, after a server outage, which is what I think caused it.

Two thumbs up for RIM!
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