Locking down Server Hard Drives - Publishing Internet Explorer

Have a URGENT question.

I have a Presentation Server 4.0 box that I needed to publish Internet Explorer.

Need a best pratice on how to lock down the server hard drives, so if a user trys to enter a URL such as M:, they won't see the server hard drives.  I want them to have access to their local hard drives, floppy, and network shares.

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mgcITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
these are the links you will want to look at:



The second one deals with specifically hiding server drives.  The first has other lock down steps you may want to use.
drakbaAuthor Commented:
OUTSTANDING!  The hide drive reg hack I was familiar with, but that was not enough.  (users can still enter the drive letter directly and browse), the technet article 278295 was excactly what I needed!

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