Choosing which associated email address a sent email actaully sends from.

Hi all.

Got myself a little problem with a few members of staff here. Basically they have their own email addresses with extra incomming smtp accounts associated with them. For instance;

If I send to Support then Fred gets it ok, but when Fred replies he wants Support to show so that he doesn't give his actual email address out (being honest, it's ridiculous because it still gets to him anyway... I think he just want to appear like a big department rather than a one man band).

What would be the way to achieve this, as he's now asking for several "alts" like and the like?

He's also an impatient swine so I'm putting up the points to uber amounts so I can afford time to get a headache tablet. ;)

If it's not possible then lemme know. How I've suggested thus far is I create lots of accounts and he logs in seperately to each, but he wants it displayed all in the same outlook window.
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Nat_cConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi chromenewt,

You cannont (to the best of my knowledge) choose which of the alias your sent emails appear to come from.

You are right to suggest creating additional accounts although he won't have to login to each one separately.

Once the accounts are created, give "Fred" "full mailbox access" to each of the accounts i.e. support, info, other "alts"
These can then be added in to outlook:
-email accounts
-select "Microsoft Exchange"
-more settings
-Advanced tab
-add mailboxes

Each of the mailboxes will now be listed within Outlook.

The next thing to do is give "Fred" "send as" permissions on each of the additional mailboxes (there are lots of answers on EE about this).

"Fred" will now be able to compose a message from Outlook and type the account he wants the message to come from in the "From" box.

Hope this makes sense, let me know if you need me to clarify anything
David LeeCommented:
Hi chromenewt,

If this is on Exchange, then there is no way to do this.  Each additional address is an alias, not a separate address.  If it's not on Exchange and there's a separate mail account for each address, then Outlook will always reply with the account (i.e. address) the message was sent through.

chromenewtAuthor Commented:
Fair enough, that's what I thought. :(

Is it possible to get outlook to display two or more exchange accounts without logging off/back on again?
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Another alternative would be to set the other mailboxes up to be collected by Outlook via POP3

This way as there are separate accounts you will be able to choose the account when composing messages, there should be an "Accounts" button near the send button

David LeeCommented:

> Is it possible to get outlook to display two or more exchange accounts
> without logging off/back on again
chromenewtAuthor Commented:
Hmmmm, how does one go about setting up POP3 accounts? I'm intrigued... and it would be the easiest thing for the user to use.
for Outlook XP/2003 it's along the lines of:
Email Accounts
POP3 -> Next
Fill in all information incoming and outgoing mail servers would be your exchange server

depending on your security/relay settings you may need to:
click "more settings"
"outgoing server" tab
tick "my outgoing server requires auth"
check "use same settings"

Let me know how you get on
Alternatively, Fred can use a third-party utility to achieve this. Ask him to google for "multiple SMTP addresses".

chromenewtAuthor Commented:
Slight problem Nat, because we're using Active Server the "Email Accounts" gets replaced by "Services" in the Tools menu. I'm going to have a playabout and will let you know if/when I'm unsuccessful... I'll let you know if not too. :)
chromenewtAuthor Commented:
Progress!!! I can send as and collect as ""!

Nat_C, your first suggestion is proving to be the winner thus far. If you can answer the next question you're getting a grade A;

In the Tools>Services>Exchange Server>Advanced section I've added "Info" as an additional mailbox and it lists both "Mailbox - Fred" and "Mailbox - Info" but he can't access info... It would be ideal if we can get the two sets of emails filtered like that in seperate mailboxes but at the mo I've got Info mail forwarded to Fred's mail (so he can at least read them).
I am a bit unclear as to what you have done so far, you say that you can send as and collect as info, is that via a POP3 account?

The last bit of your post seems to imply that you have added an additional exchange mailbox to Freds exisiting account, but he can't access info.

Please explain what you have done so far and I should be able to help you out.
chromenewtAuthor Commented:
I've created an extra account and given Fred full access and forwarded all incoming mails to him atm. However he'd like to have two seperate mailboxes displayed in Outlook (which there is) and be able to access both (he can't access the Info mailbox).

Oh, hang on! He's just called me saying it's working! It seems that since he's logged off and back on again it's sprung back into life! Not sure if it was the reset that sorted it, but you certainly helped! :D
Sometimes the exchange permissions take a while to take effect.

Glad I could help.

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