sync files from apple to windows

Is there a way to sync files between an apple and a windows OS?

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drroywyoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a program called PC-Mac-Net FileShare form Lava Software that will do it, as well as much more at prices ranging from free to $24.95.

Details can be found at:

There used to be a program called ExecutiveSync that later became You Synchronize.  However, it went into limbo earlier this year when You Software did not renew the agreement with the developer, Jason Weber.  According to Jason's website, he's still working on the program and plans to have it back on the market later this summer.

Details can be found at:

Hope this helps.

slyongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are quite a few rsync utilities for OS X here which you can sync your files with Windows.
bman9111Author Commented:
any software that is not required on both pcs???? like the way microsoft has there sync software..
Not that I'm aware of.
rsync only need to be install on one side, while the other side you just need to make sure that there is permission for files to be written to.
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