exchange 2003 restore

One of my co-workers deleted 4months of email from his pop3 account. I do daily backups and was able to restore to anther exchange server and mount the store. How do i get the emails from the other exchange server to the live server?

Do i have to use Recovery Storage Group?

Any suggestions with help.

Thanks FreeZ
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CetusMODConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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copy the emails to a .pst file and then give the .pst to the user so that he can move the email back into his mailbox from the .pst file
fr33zAuthor Commented:
I can't open the other mailbox though. If i use outlook to point to the other server it defaults to the live server. This is all in my Active Directory.
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is the other mailbox (the one that you restored) disconnected?
fr33zAuthor Commented:
No i have a small company of 40ppl(2 servers). i installed exchange on my file server so i can restore to that. Don't know what to do next. I reading about exmerge but when i used it, it can't find my store on the new exchange box.
ideally the restore should have been done in the recovery storeage group so that you had the option to merge the data back into the user's mailbox
fr33zAuthor Commented:
Well when i want to restore it wants to put it back in the original location. I will run out of HD space. So can i restore to the other exchange box and will the recovery storage group pick it up?
fr33zAuthor Commented:
Anyone else have any ideas?
As you had mentioned earlier that you restored the databases to another server in the same AD domain. you also had mentioned that you were able to mount the store on that server.
Now if you run the cleanup agent on that store, do you see all the mailboxes as disconnected?
to run cleanup agent
-expand the mailbox store on the new server
-right click on mailboxes
-select the otpion "run cleanup agent"
-you would see all the mailboxes as connected or disconnected
-if the mailbox that you want to extract data from appears as disconnected then right click on it and select the reconnect option
-it would give you a box from which you can select the user account to which you want to connect the mailbox to
-else it would give you an error that the mailbox is already connected to an account
-if you get the error then the option would be to remove exchange attributes from the orginal user's account and wait for few minutes and force AD replication between the DCs (CHECK THE DELETED ITEMS RENTENTION PERIOD FOR DELETED MAILBOXES BEFORE DOING THIS. YOU CAN CHECK THAT ON THE MAILBOX STORE PROPERTIES AND THEN THE LIMITS TAB. THE RETENTION PERIOD SHOULD NOT BE SET TO 0 DAYS FOR DELETED MAILBOXES). then run the cleanup agent on the main server. . this would show the user's mailbox as disconnected. after that go back to the recovery server and right click on the restored disconnected mailbox and click reconnect. this time you should be able to connect

check the following

You are unable to add a database to the Exchange 2003 Recovery Storage Group.

How to use Recovery Storage Groups in Exchange Server 2003

You are unable to select a database to add to a Recovery Storage Group

You cannot restore a mailbox store from one Exchange 2003 server to a Recovery Storage Group on another Exchange 2003 server
fr33zAuthor Commented:
rake good post. Some of this helped but i still can't mount my store. I use MS backup to do my backups and when i try to restore it wants to restore to the original location. After waiting about 6mins i saw nothing happening. My restore group is on a seperate drive letter cause im running out of Hard disk space where my live store is.

As of right now i'm choosing an older backup that i have and going to do a restore to my spare drive and trying to mount the store that way.
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