deleting specific emails with attachments

Ive got a problem.

I need an agent that will go out on my mail servers and look for and select emails with two attachments. One is a .zip file and the other a .gif.

The files are 52k in size  ( I've seen 52,037 to 52,081)

I'm not a developer by any means, so the more help you can supply, the better.
It's VERY urgent!!

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brwwigginsConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
and I think PowerTools from helpsoft has something similar
How many mail files are we talking about?  Try scanez from
FredBroAuthor Commented:
we're pushing 5 Terabytes @ ~10,000 mail files
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FredBroAuthor Commented:
Forgot, That's across 9 servers

brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
Is this from a message that got sent out on accident or you trying to remove a virus? I remember an article from The View magazine talking about recalling a message but it required that you be able to get the document ID from the original sent item
marilyngConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Else virus checker will do this - depending on the one that you have for Notes.  i.e.  Nod32 I think will go in and remove specific attachments, e-Trust might also, basically any of those that are managed from a server you can specify to find and delete specific files having specific parameters.

An agent can step through, and do this, but for that many mail files it would be inefficient.  Unless you have no other solution.

If you want to use an agent, have to use an agent, hmm.. I would roll out one that runs on the database open on the client, this way you're not impacting your server(s), then you can always  remove the agent in the mail templates.

How i did this was to put the code in a script library that ran when the database opened.  I also set a profile field to "done" so the agent wouldn't run twice, and this way, I didn't need to be concerned about rolling out another change in the mail template.  

Also, you need to test before you roll out.  

Still think virus software is your best bet.
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