I'm looking for a solution for syncing PDAs with Exchange/Outlook Private AND Public folders across the Internet....

It appears I might have reached the bleeding edge for this technology with this quest for a syncing solution. Some vendors have products out there that do this, but so far I have not found one that looks and works well and intuitively; I'm still looking. It appears that syncing "Public Folders" is extra tough because of something with Exchange I'm guessing.

I realize that there are basically two requirements here:

1) Provide the ability for the PDAs to talk to other servers across the Internet, wirelessly. I'm guessing this is done through wireless Internet services provided by companies like Verizon???

2) Provide syncing capability between the PDAs and the client's in-house Exchange server, including syncing Public Folders.

Anyone successfully doing this now or know of a solution for accomplishing this? Thanks.
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Public Folders isn't going to happen over the air natively.
Microsoft don't provide that feature and are never going to. Microsoft would like to kill off public folders, but have failed to do so twice.

Therefore you are going to have to look at third party.
For tools on the desktop, Pocket Mirror Pro will do the job.
If you want over the air, then I think the only one you can look at is Good (http://www.good.com/). I haven't heard of any others.

WineGeekAuthor Commented:
wow, this Good stuff looks just like what I need. Looking at it now. Thanks Simon. Do you manage to also have a life outside IT? :)
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