FTP app-waht is it?

I see this category at download.com. what is FTP utilities?
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callrsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Way to transfer files & entire folders easily over the Internet.

http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/F/FTP.html     What is FTP? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary
"Short for File Transfer Protocol, the protocol for exchanging files over the Internet. FTP works in the same way as HTTP for transferring Web pages from a server to a user's browser and SMTP for transferring electronic mail across the Internet in that, like these technologies, FTP uses the Internet's TCP/IP protocols to enable data transfer.
FTP is most commonly used to download a file from a server using the Internet or to upload a file to a server (e.g., uploading a Web page file to a server). "

http://filezilla.sourceforge.net/ has a great free ftp program.
FTP = File Transfer Protocol
Commonly used to....  transfer.... files.
Check out:
ftp tools often have better features, such as site management, increased security options, resumable downloads, ftp search engines, etc.  Or they are tools to set up your own ftp server on your own PC so you can access your files from anywhere and/or share them with other people.
binocular222Author Commented:
so, it allows me to upload some files to an online storage and then i can access again anytime, anywhere -like megaupload.com? So, why do i need an app? only an an online storage is enough?
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How do you plan to get the files to the only storeage?  It like having a disk drive and no computer, no OS.  You need something to transfer the data from your computer to the online storage.  ftp is one of many ways to do this.  It looks like megaupload.com use http to do this, which is a network protocol that is implmented by the application we call "a web browser".

ftp is not only a application (actually there are two a ftp client and a ftp server) but it is also a protocol.
binocular222Author Commented:
So, each ftp app goes with one website which has the online storeage?
which is the best ftp app? I've tried some but the speed is awful
>> so, it allows me to upload some files to an online storage
No, thats not usually what it's used for (in my experience), unless you are using an online storage.
FTP is for getting files on your computer what HTTP is for getting websites on your screen -- Most web sites also have FTP servers as well as HTTP servers that you can download files from. But you may never know that you got a file from an ftp site unless you pay attention to the source (ftp URLs start wit ftp:// instead of http://)

You can set up your own ftp server, give people the site address & then assign permissions on who can & who can't download which files from your site. To find ftp sites on the web, just ask www.google.com for: ftp site directory.
FTP programs are dedicated programs for downloading files from an FTP server, or you can upload files to them as well. Usually they come with handy features like resuming downloads. This is handy for those huge downloads in case you get bumped offline. This was more of a problem in the dialup days than now, with so many browsers having their own download windows and ability to access FTP sites.

Best FTP is a question of preference. FlashFXP is great for accessing my Xbox and internal network, and other sites, but it's not free. For the free category, I'd recommend FileZilla, or if you like old but simple programs, WSFTP_LE is one of my old favorites, but it's definitely not up to snuff with some of the newer ones.
binocular222Author Commented:
And i can also access to others' uploaded files? It sounds nice if we have a large sharing network. But the speed, er, my friends prefer megaupload.com
megaupload.com is a computer running an application it is not an application.  Do you know what application/protocol is uses for transfering the files?

Saying you prefer meagupload.com over ftp is like saying you perfer www.msn.com over http.
>> sounds nice if we have a large sharing network
Google for: p2p programs
Shareaza is a popular sharing program
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