Directory not showing backlinks

I set up a directory of all the competing products in my industry. (

It used to be on my site and have a PR of 4, but since I sell products in the industry, I moved it to its own separate site & server.

Any company in the industry may add their site. Customers rate each product and the products can be sorted by ratings. Also, the highest rated company each month is featured on the homepage.

Each company is given html code for a graphic "Rate Me" link that shows their ratings and allows customers to add their rating.

I thought that these graphic links would count as backlinks in Google, and thus increase the PR of the site, but Google isn't acknowledging them at all. I even changed the dynamic page titles to be more search-engine friendly, but that hasn't helped either.

I'm looking to increase PR and get higher rankings in the search engines, mostly Google.

No one has been able to figure this one out, from my SEO contact to my site coder, which is the reason for the high point value.
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Julian MatzConnect With a Mentor Joint ChairpersonCommented:
Your site's homepage apparently has a PR of 4, but I cannot find the site indexed in Google or MSN Search...

I was recently shown the below link... It's in french but the data it shows is numeric and understandable:

The data shows that your site has 75 backlinks registered in all Google datacenters, but no pages from the site are indexed...
Julian MatzJoint ChairpersonCommented:
Hi judekuipers,

When were these changes made?

Google has been undergoing a lot of major changes lately, in the past few months. A lot of people have been reporting strange things. Even with my own site, Google seems to be playing yo-yo... It could be just a matter of waiting a while...

What is currently the pagerank of your directory site?
I may be missing something here. but it looks like you are allowing sling manufacturers to put a link TO their sites. What affects page rank most is the links to your site FROM other sites.
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judekuipersAuthor Commented:
The directory used to by on my site:, but since I sell slings, it wasn't that impartial, thus the move.

The idea is for everyone who lists their product to put a "Rate Me" graphic link on their site that links to their page in the directory. On my old site, the directory is still live until the new one gets all the bugs ironed out, but google doesn't show backlinks their from those links either.

Julian MatzJoint ChairpersonCommented:
Google has 75 backlinks to indexed. It shows me 18, all of which are from
judekuipersAuthor Commented:
Right, but why not from the sites who have a rate me button/link?
Julian MatzJoint ChairpersonCommented:
I cannot tell what other sites are linking back because Google will only show me 18 out of 75.
The other sites must also be in Google's index, and should have a PR of at least 4...

As I've mentioned before, Google may be acting a little out of the ordinary at the moment.
I find it strange that it has your backlinks but none of your pages indexed. Have you tried adding a Google sitemap?

On MSN, my own website has over 500 backlinks. On Google, however, it only has 10...
kenikiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi few things I think might help you:

Google only ever shows a sample of backlinks to a site.

The google major changes refered to by julianmatz is the called the "Big Daddy" update.

Your rating system seems to collect email addresses not urls and links

Best of luck to you

judekuipersAuthor Commented:
Hi Keniki,
Thanks for the help.
You mentioned that the rating system collects only email addresses, but I mean that when people are listed in the directory, they're given a graphic with link text to put on their site. This helps them get ratings. It's that link that I refer to. -Jude
I am pretty sure that any type of common graphic link is beeing filtered including: For instance paypal's graphic link. Also sites many other payment providers and credit card companies. And of course banner links.
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