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Unable to open .cph files, can anyone help

I have 3 files, i think they were created in Corel Photo House, i can't find any way to open them, can anyone do it for me or let me know what freeware software i could use?
1 Solution

I agree, this sounds like a Corel Print & Photo house file. I am unaware of any other program that can open these, but fortunately you can get the program for just a couple of dollars via eBay:

Jose ParrotGraphics ExpertCommented:

As far I know, the only application that uses such file type is Corel Print & Photo.
Besides it, also CorelDraw 9 (not 10 or up) opens .cph files. It can be obtained very inexpensively, as it is an old version.

I heard that Ghostscript reads cph and can print to postscript. Then you can convert the ps file to an image file. I never used that but if you know someone that use Ghostscript... the good is that it is free.


I still have a 1999 version of Corel Print House Magic installed on a one of my Windows 98SE PC's.  It includes TWO main applications:
Photo House is the image editing application
Print House is a basic desktop publishing application that allows you to create greetings cards, posters, etc.

From PhotoHouse, you can "export" a standard open image to PrintHouse to start a new "project" or add to an existing project., but you cannot "Save As" a *.cph file from there.
From PrintHouse, you can "send to" PhotoHouse to edit one of the images used and arranged in your project, and then save it and return the edited image to PhotoHouse.
The native image file type created by PhotoHouse is *.CPS, and the native "project" file type for PrintHouse is *.CPH.
You CAN, however, use the File > "Save As" from PrintHouse to save as all other common (and less common) IMAGE file types.  The results are hit and miss, because you have to remember that the *.CPH "project" file is most usually a collection of separate "objects" (including text), and allows the user to arrange them in layers.  Additionally, the drop down "Save as Type" list will also show file types that it WON'T be able to be encoded as.  Those are listed simply because you have a load of common "export" and "import" filters installed by other programs including MS Office and Windows itself.

I reckon it would be well worth buying Corel PrintHouse Magic, but remember that it is OLDER software and I don't know how it would run in anything more recent than Windows ME.
See here for ebay items currently on "buy it now" for less than $5:

Incidentally, Corel now market Paint Shop Pro which was formerly owned by Jasc.  It could be that they have added a file import filter to it for *.cph files, but I doubt this because of the format I described above.

No pressure intended here at all, but feel free to zip your 3 *.cph files up with winzip and email them to the hotmail address shown at the bottom of my profile (just click on my username).  Be careful about the file sizes though, because a *.cph project file could be pretty large.  Common sense prevails here, and it might be better to email them as separately zipped attachments one at a time and I can convert them to standard images and email them back.

Better still, if you have access to a website where you can upload them to, then we can all download them and have a go at converting them.
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I have just been looking at the file sizes of some *.cph files on that system.

The basic single-image templates that you load into PrintHouse (File > New Project > choose template) eg. for a greeting card  can easily top 1MB BEFORE adding text and other images.
I have an A4 poster that I created with a single scanned image and 3 txt objects added which is +56MB!!
You see, the actual cph file stores the font detail, the exact positioning of the objects when reopened in PrintShop, and a lot of other data.  This bloats the file and it can grow to enormous proportions as you add and resave it.

Perhaps I was too generous in offering my hotmail inbox for what could be VERY large files :-)
I wasn't offering or intending to try and SOLVE the question via email, because as far as I'm concerned, the question has already been solved through explanations and advice given by myself and others.
ie. Buy the software that created that image type for $5 or less, install it, and view the image.

The upload to the Experts-Exchange repository does sound like a good proposition, as long as we can then use it to upload converted images back to again.

Yes, the is great, the links are tied to a specific question, so you can go to that question and download a set of files, then upload your responding file, and then others can see all the files next to one another and add their own.

Thanks for that info, LHerrou.  I knew of an area that was used by site adminstrators (and possibly experts) to upload files to, but I wasn't aware that it could be used by members.

In that case, Richard, could you perhaps go to the page given by LHerrou ( and login with your Experts-Exchange username and password.  In the new page that opens, you have two tabs "Home" (the one that opens) and "Expert Area".  Access the "Expert Area" tab ( and you will see a link ENTITLED "Upload a File" (

As long as your files do not exceed 4 MB each, or 4 MB when zipped up together, you could pack them into one or more zip files and upload them there.  The instructions there say that "you will be presented with a URL you can post in the Experts-Exchange Question so that others can download your file".

We can have a go at converting them to a more universal image or file format, or extract individual images from it, and upload them for you to download.

I've just thought of something though.  You haven't stated the origin of these files, nor if you have any clue as to their content.

Given that *.cph files are more or less desktop publishing type projects, if there was any chance that they contained personal or sensitive information, or salacious imags, then it might prompt you to reconsider allowing others to have the opportunity of viewing the content.  I'm open minded, so it wouldn't worry me ;-)
richardwakefieldAuthor Commented:

Thankyou for the offer but i have managed to get hard copies of the filoes i needed
Thanks, Richard.

Do you mean that you instead got the original creator of the *.cph files to send them as a more standard image format?
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