In view editing question

I have created a view which allows users to edit documents dirrectly in the view.

My question is, is it possible to move between these documents using the arrow keys once they have entered edit mode.
i.e. just like if you were editing a cell in MS Excel.

Click once to edit a field then press down arrow and it will automatically be editing the next document?

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ot sure if that is possible presetly, without requiring a trap on the exit field function or similar.

You would need to do this on every field.
Not a pretty sight...

I hope this helps !
shuboarderAuthor Commented:
Hi SysExpert,

The form in question only has 3 fields, and to have this functionality would be extremely useful.
Could you perhaps explain a little more how this might be achieved albeit "not a pretty sight"?

First off - is this a Notes client or a Web client ?
You should look into the onKeyUp/ Down field functions for Web.
For client you have on Entering and Exiting.
You can trap the key used and see if is the Up or down key and move accordingly.

I hope this helps !
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shuboarderAuthor Commented:
Hi SysExpert,

its for Notes client unfortunately...
any ideas on how to trap the key?
You would need to use the exiting fiel function, find what key was pressed to exit the field, and then process that to detemine where to move to, and what else needs to be done.

Unfortunately, I do not see any way of doing low level keyboard capture in R 6.5

Maybe someone else will have a better idea.

If you can deal with headaches, then you can use WIndows API, just search for codes to trap in VB, it can be easily ported to Lotus notes. yOu can see this as a starter:

If you have money, here s someone selling a keyboard hook interface

Keyboard handler for Lotus Notes is a standard LSX module for Windows platform. It allows you install hook to catch particular keyboard pressing events and manage them via regular LotusScript. It now also allows you to specify which key you want to dismiss after handling.

Tests were performed for these configurations:

    * Lotus Notes v6.5.4 on WinXP SP2
    * Lotus Notes v7.0 on WinXP SP2

shuboarderAuthor Commented:
Thanks for trying guys, but I was after something less complicated, less messy and less expensive...

I have decided to just put form navigators in place instead. - Not the desired outcome, but a workable one.
shuboarderAuthor Commented:
Strange... I left a comment 2 days ago lol.
Marilyng, sure your clean up system is working?
Closed, 250 points refunded.
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