Mouse Works but Keyboard Does Not - One User ID Only - Windows XP Home

Problem - for one userid on an XP Home PC - the user _is_ able to use the mouse but _is not_ able to use the keyboard at all.

We established a second user ID (same privileges) and both keyboard and mouse are OK.

What procedures should we use to "fix" the original user id to restore full keyboard functionality?
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SteveG00000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Delelt the user and re-add again.
magiqmisAuthor Commented:
The above does not address the issue of retaining the mail and other valued settings of the original user
Justin CollinsConnect With a Mentor IT Support TechnicianCommented:
C:\Documents and Settings\Username.     Copy that folder to another folder, delete and recreate the user using the same username, and copy the folder back in over the new one
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Check: Control Panel> Accessibility Options to be sure 'Filter Keys' is not selected.
check out the controlpanel accessibity

or if not same thing delete the user and add it again. and copy the folder as mention above
this are best option

instead working out on it. some problem are unusaul if you have alternative way to fix it.why not do it.and work it out.
but its happening every time then put your head into it.  

make sure if the user using outlook  then copy the pst file as well  then he wont be loosing any thing
no programs. no data and nothing
clean  and simple

best of luck
Have you tried removing the keyboard from Device Manager and restart the computer.
maramomConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Before deleting or recreating accounts, please check the 'Filter Keys' setting. When this is toggled on, the keyboard is virtually ignored. The shortcut for 'Filter Keys'  is hold down <shift> for 8 seconds. This can toggle the 'Filter Keys' setting to 'on' by accident.
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