Citrix printing problems using CTX_SmaUser

A client of mine has a very large Citrix server farm, (about 20 all totalled.)

Recently, because of printer problems using the local service which caused MS printer spoolers to fail and would boot users offline, and as directed to by Citrix support, my client switched from running as a local service for printing to running as the CTX_SmaUser

The problem that they are having is that the old printer sessions are not being dropped, and it is preventing new sessions from being created.

The question I have is this:  Does anyone have any experience in using this CTX_SmaUser id for printing, and are there specific permissions, settings, or configurations that my client should be using to get it working properly?

Thank you for any help,
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BLipmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The post below will tell you exactly what the Ctx_SmaUser account needs to work properly.  In my experience Policies are the biggest culprit when it comes to this account getting hosed.  You really should insulate your Citrix servers from upstream Group Policy:  create a Citrix Servers OU and place all of your Citrix boxes in it, from the properties of the new OU go to the Group Policy tab and check 'Block Inheritance'.  If you want you can even create a GPO and set "No Override".  

How to Recreate the Ctx_SmaUser Account
jgrammer42Author Commented:
Thanks, I will get them to try that and see if it works.  If it does, I will let you know and award points then.

If, not, I'll be back...VBG
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