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            In Citrix is it better to publish an application or publish remote desktop and have the user open the application in within RDP?
My main concern is performance.
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ET0000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
   It depends on the application. Many applications can be used by multiple people concurrently, but some applications are written assuming that only a single copy will be running on a computer and require exclusive access to a resource (e.g. a file or database). Some applications also include specific restrictions against running under TS/Citrix and require you buy a special version (usually to address the licensing issues).

As oBdA says, the key is staying in compliance with the EULA for your software. Some of them are written so you can be licensed for the number of concurrent users, while others really do require an individual license for each user even if they use it under TS/Citrix.
You should publish the application. Performance is usually fairly similar, but a published desktop takes a wee bit more time to load, and there is the human delay where they user has to find and launch the application.

In addition, a published seamless application will appear more like a local application to the user, able to be overlaid and arranged with their local applications. And Citrix has set things up so if users open multiple published apps, the sessions are shared so there isn't significant overhead to that approach. And finally, when you publish the desktop, it gives the user more opportunity to both get confused ("which Start button should I use?") and to get into trouble (e.g. getting into areas you'd rather they stay out of).
gablaisAuthor Commented:
On a published application, will I be able to have more than one users using the same application? I am not talking outlook or other office programs, these applications are specialized program for engineers to use and we need to concentrate them into one location because the license costs are in the 10s of thousands
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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A word of warning here, as you're probably about to leave legal licensing: neither the use of Terminal Services in general nor the use of Citrix in particular is a way to save on licensing costs for the applications being published.
Usually, you need the same number of licenses if you run an application on a terminal server as you would need if you deployed it on fat clients.
Check the license agreements for these applications before you get in trouble.
mrwaqarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would always prefere to publish the application since it is more secure to give the user limited rights.

>> will I be able to have more than one users using the same application?<<
Yes you can allow/restrict more than one instance of the application but like ET0000 mentioned it depends on the application EULA also. Some applications will not allow you to open more than once instance and there is nothing citrix can do for that.
To change the citrix settings for multiple instances use the following settings:
By default multiple instances are allowed for a published application. You can limit the sessions to 'n' number of instances though. You will find this option in the properties of the published application. Go to the properties of the published application and choose "Application Limits" in the left pan. You will find the options on right side

gablaisAuthor Commented:
oBdA: There is no problem with licenssing. All of our engineering application licenses are controled by one kind of license manager or another.

ET0000: thank you for the information. I will begin doing some testing this week and will make a decision based on your infos and the test results.

mrwaqar: I was not aware that there was an option for application limite. Thanks.
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