Blue screen of death internal power error

Hi all,

I have the following message on my Dell Inspiron 1100 laptop.

STOP 0X00000A0 (0X00000101, 0X00000007, 0XF97257A4, 0X00000000)


Everything was working ok. I installed some new memory and still everything was ok then this morning this message came up. I have put the old memory back in but it still happens. Sometimes I can boot in safe mode and I have tried in selective mode but not got anywhere yet.

Any help woul dbe great as i use it for my business and dont have another machine so I need to get it fixed quickly.

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callrsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What make/model is the motherboard? Let me know & I'll do some looking up. The boot-up screen should show the motherboard model on bootup.
Is there a quality power supply? (not a cheap lightweight $20 one I hope)
Is the computer plugged into a surge protector? (without one parts often fail).

Try resetting the BIOS to default settings. Other than that, it seems that the new memory (or possibly the power supply) has corrupted some hardware (motherboard? CPU? Hard drive? )

(I once fried -- with smoke -- a motherboard by not inserting the RAM chips fully into the socket. But I was able to fix that P1 board through delicate surgery.)

Try a memory test outside of Windows:
Can try chkdsk /f, then if still no go, chkdsk /f /r (but the /r option - full surface scan - can take a LONG time):
But I'm thinking that whatever may have corrupted some hardware may corrupt the hard drive too, so I'b be wary of even connecting or using the hard drive until the memory checks out fine.

(Other  options, but I doubt will work in your case: &
callrsCommented: GS:"Internal power error"     Win XP not booting -
geoscomp  Apr 16 2004, 01:34 PM: "Generally an Internal Power Error in an NT OS refers to a driver for some device being in an inconsistent power state for the computer..this sometimes happens at hibernation or shutdown, but can actually happen at any time. I would try unplugging all of those devices to see if it continues..If it doesn't, plug in one at a time till it does. Also, try updating your device drivers and the usb/chipset driver for the motherboard "
martingardner353Author Commented:
Hi and thanks for the comment.

I have taken everything of the machine that doesnt need to be on and as far as I know everything is updated. But it is still happening :-(

i tried the link at the top of your post but its not active.
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Also, If you have important data on the hard drive, I'd either back up that data from the drive, or not use the drive until the system checks out fine. You can hook up the drive to a working computer to retrieve needed data.
martingardner353Author Commented:
Hi al and thanks for the help. I found that the memory was a problem and put the old one in the other slot. all works fine now and ill send the mem back to the supplier.

Thanks again all
Hello Martin,

Here is the fix,

Windows XP Generates a "Stop 0xA0" Error Message During Hibernation

Download and install the fix, if you are unable to boot then try disabling your CD/DVD drive in BIOS and reboot.


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