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OK, two different questions here.  With the Mobile Admin tool for Exchange and ActiveSync, what does the "Wipe" function actually do?  Does it just wipe email from the PDA remotely if its lost or stolen, or does it actually wipe the entire OS and all data from the PDA?

Then, is there a way to actually list ALL partnerships on all PDA's on the Exchange Server?  I know I can type in every email address or user and see if it has a partnership, but I don't want to do that with 200 different users.  I want to be able to list all partnerships in one easy step.  Any way?
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If you want to control who has access to the feature then simply turn it off for everyone.
It is set on the "Exchange Features" tab of the user account.
You should be able to set it off or on in bulk using the tool (

Remote wipe in effect does a hard reset of the device. It does not wipe any memory cards that are in the device - at least in this version of Exchange/Windows Mobile.

Unfortunately in the current version of the tool on Exchange it is not possible to view all the partnerships in one screen. The mobile admin tool is very basic and is designed to make it easy for admin to wipe a device and that is about it.

studrickAuthor Commented:
Is there any tool or trick or anything at all out there to be able to easily view this?  What I am worried about is some people setting their PDA up on their own, without me ever knowing, and then losing their phone or something and me never knowing.  Then their email gets in the wrong hands or something.
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