Win2003 Installation problems

Hi Experts,

I've got a fresh and empty 146 gb SATA drive just rarin to go for 2003 server enterprise x64 edition.

I boot from 2003 CD (cuz it says i cant run it from windows, which is currently xp pro) and get to the point where it asks which partition I would like to install to.  I choose the empty drive and it says that it cant because its not a valid windows partition.

So ok fine, i delete the partition and let setup make it again.  Once again it tells me the same thing. In fact it says this with all the drives in the computer, including the one XP Pro is currently installed on.

Any ideas?

Thx in advance!
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You may need to provide the SATA driver during the text setup mode using F6.

Since this is for 64bit you may need to see if you can locate that driver.

synergyautoAuthor Commented:
Could be, but the other 2 drives it refused to install to werent SATA drives :-/
After creating the partition in the Disk Manager, you must right-click it and select "mark partition as active".
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Another problem that sounds like a motherboard with 3 IDE slots.

What's the motherboard?  Make and Model.

By the way, with 64-bit machines you need to pay attention to the motherboard drivers.
synergyautoAuthor Commented:
Its only 2 IDE slots, I have one Sata drive and 2 IDE's.

I'll check the make & model when i get home from work, and will try the active partition deal.
synergyautoAuthor Commented:
Model is the asus A8N-VM.....cant seem to find proper drivers for the drives :(

Also dont have a floppy drive on the machine so not sure how I'd get them in there during install in the first place.....

Really need help here
synergyautoAuthor Commented:
BTW, setting the partition as active didnt work.
Drivers for A8N-VM

or follow the instructions on this page:

64-bit drivers.

You may have to register with Asus to get them.

I know you need the SATA Raid drivers for that one.

Wow, really weird, but we have two A8N5X boards and the drivers at Asus include Windows 2003 64-bit Edition which I don't see for the A8N-VM

You really should include a floppy drive so as not to encourage systems where if the CD doesn't work you'll have to throw it out one day.

A floppy is cheap, think about it.
The more I look at it, the more I don't like not seeing this driver set for your A8N-VM motherboard [no Windows 2003 drivers for the nVidia chipset]:

for your motherboard.  Maybe you want to ask about an A8N5X?
synergyautoAuthor Commented:
I can download the drivers, and also plug in a spare flloppy i have sitting around for this, but this doesnt feel like it will fix the problem.  

As mentioned above, the 2 IDE drives were not allowed to be installed to as well.  Why would not having SATA Raid drivers (and it's not a sata raid btw, just a single drive) affect the IDE drives? Do you think the SATA is hosing things for the other drives?

I suppose I could simply unplug it for this test run.
Depends on the boot settings in the BIOS.  If they're set to use the SATA controller then you won't be able to boot to IDE unless you change the order around.

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synergyautoAuthor Commented:
I'm not at home to check at the momet, but the system does currently freak out on reboot, saying that i have an invalid boot drive. I have to physically hit F8 for the boot selection pop up menu then hand pick the IDE drive (C: drive) to boot from.

This seem like something similar to what your'e referring to?
synergyautoAuthor Commented:
Once the SATA drive was excluded from any boot sequence Win 2k3 installed seamlessly. Apparently it didnt like seeing the mixture of the SATA and IDE or more than likely needed drivers.  Points to Netman66 for having the closest answer.

BTW - Win 2k3 is so locked down I cant get anything done lol  I suppose it's for the best tho.
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