How to Copy Data from Oracle DB to Access DB in C#?

I have the same exact table structure in both the Oracle DB and the Access DB. Both DBs are installed in one PC which my C# (.NET 2.0) application will run from. However, the Oracle DB is the source one. So what I want is to copy a portion from the source Oracle DB (the portion is a specific SQL SELECT statement) to the Access DB.

I could get the data from the Oracle DB using an OracleDataAdapter and store the data in a DataTable, like this:
    OracleDataAdapter da = new OracleDataAdapter("SELECT * FROM R151BTS WHERE BSC=1, MyConnection);
    DataTable dt = new DataTable("dt");

But after that, how could I copy the data from the DataTable 'dt' to the Access DB?

I might be wrong with my above procedure, so if anyone could suggest to me an optimized way to do my request, I will be really grateful.
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grayeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The task becomes simplier  if the destination database is empty (or at least won't have any primary key collisions)...

In that case you merely "share the DataTable" between the two DataAdapters (one for Oracle and one for Microsoft Access).  Here is some "psuedo-code"

// Fill the dataTable from Oracle

// Mark all of the rows as "added"
foreach (DataRow myRow in DataTable.Rows)
         myRow.GetAdded();  // new to v2.0

// Save to Access with a separate DataAdapter

The task is a wee bit more complicated if you need update existing data in the destination database... you'd have to do a fill() followed by a Merge() before the Update()
Damn... that's supposed to bet "SetAdded()"

I should check my spelling before I hit Submit, eh?
salan_alaniAuthor Commented:
graye, I did not try your code yet. But, the Access DB is not empty. However, it does not have any primary key or some rules (it is a basic/simple table structure). Although, I don't need to update my existing data in the Access DB, just a matter of copying data from Oracle DB to Access DB.

So, should your code works for me?

Another thing, how should I create the DataAdapter2 object in my case? And does the Update method will affect the Access table itself without the need to do SQL INSERT INTO statement?

Thanks in advance
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salan_alaniAuthor Commented:
graye, I tried your code and it works for me. However, I have the following error:

System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException: Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement

at the following block:

catch (Exception ex)
    SW.WriteLine("Error performing the update process: " + ex.Message);

Above is kind of logging the errors (SW is a StreamWriter object).

The problem is how could I know which DataRow through the exception? In other words, what is the SQL INSERT INTO statement that cause the problem? ex.Message or ex.ToString() do not have the information on which Row is not inserted/added !!!

Please reply me as soon as possible and thanks for your help..
salan_alaniAuthor Commented:
I figure out the problem and solve it.

Thanks for your help..
I'm glad you figured it out.... and I'm sorry my answer wasn't complete enough.

Yes, you have to either create the InsertCommand (and perhaps DeleteCommand) or use the CommandBuilder to create them for you.

I would imagine that you'd create the DataAdapter for the Microsoft Access database using the same technique ythat you used for the Oracle database.
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