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I have sort of inherited a Cisco 3640 Router.

I know very little about Cisco CLI.  Beyond setting up a hyper terminal connection to consi=ole, I'm a bit lost.

I need someone who can walk me thru some of this "baby step style" .  Providing links to How to's is great also. But I will still need some TLC help.

It's got a boatload of Ethernet ports and I suspect that I can use it very effectively if I just get past the learning curve.

So, if someone would got the distance with me . . .I'd really appreciate it!

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wingateslConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That is it, must run on 12.2 or above.
As a good start download the Cisco SDM at In the preferences there is an option to show commands before they are submitted to the router. turn this on and try configuring it using the GUI. then read through the commands and you will start to learn what they do. Good reference from cisco can be found at (version 12.4). Try the config through the GU and review the commands in the IOS manual. This is how we train all of our techs on Cisco products. Works well for us
MixmangleAuthor Commented:

Thanks, great start. That kept me busy for a while. But I have a problem.

I may have to reset everything. But I know the network layout where this router was taken from, and if I can get in and around without having to reset everything, that will help me.

First, I can ping the router from my computer, so I know that I at least have the correct IP information.  I can also access the router via hyperteminal console. The password was still set to cisco and I was able to set up all the configuration perameters specified my the SDM help file except the secure-server. Router would not accept that command.  I assume that this has something to do with SDM's failure to load all the protocols . . . .

1. I did everything else specified by the help file. I was able to configure level 15 access and create a username and password.  
2. I opened SDM, entered the address of the router.
3. A info page listing browser type and Java came up followed by a username password box asking for a level 15 username/password
4. I entered the username and password I had set up earlier
5. Somewhere in the midst of this I got a security certificate screen. Said yes to that.
6. Then I was asked for SSH and telnet username and password I tried entering the same level 15 info and then latter skipped these screens
7. I got to the SDM home screen and a diologue popped up saying it was connecting to the router and doing something re. IOS
8. It gets to the next prompt about loading configuration information and it locks up.

No doubt the lock up here has something to do with the fact that I could not setup IP HTTP secure-server??  I went back to hyperterminal, enabled level 15 access, and saw that IP http secure-server was not in the list of commands. Only IP http server.

So then I opened a blank webpage and pointed it to the router IP. I was asked to enter a level 15 username and password. I did, and I was into the routers own http interface.  So I know I had set that up correctly.  I can certainly get around that and learn some things . . . .but I was really hoping to get SDM working.

Why no IP HTTP secure-server command available?  Does this mean I can't use SDM?

Thanks a heep for the start.  Any further enlightenment??  
Try clicking cancel when you get to the request of a secure session. As for the ssh and telnet sessions go back into the hyper terminal session and paste this

conf t
line vty 0 4
login local

That will force the telnet login to use the local username database you created with the username command. There could aslo be a problem because there is no certificate installed on the router. no big deal just select cancel instead of okay at that fist window (not the username of course)
MixmangleAuthor Commented:
Thanks again, Shawn.

I enabled the local logon for telnet as you said. Didn't make any difference.  It IS accepting my username password all the way through, I know that. Anything else kicks me out after a few tries.  

Re the certificate question - - -I must answer yes.  If I answer no it exits

I can cancel the SSL username password question but whether I do or don't, after I answer the telnet question . . . .it hangs about half way thru "Parsing Router's Running config" and goes n farther.

I could rest the unit . . . . but I would rather not. I don;t think resetting it will change anything. It looks like version 11.1 of the firmware. is it possible SDM won't work on that?? Obviously, I don't know.

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