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I am running oneorzero as a helpdesk software and I can not get the mail to work. Can anyone help me to set up the mailing function so that anytime a service ticket is open a mail will got to the technicains

OS is fedora 4 no mail server
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giltjrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This section describes how to get OneOrZero to open a ticket based on e-mail it receives.  This has nothing to do with OneOrZero sending e-mail out.

Are you attempting to have OneOrZero send e-mail or receive e-mail?
I have not use oneorzero, but:

Do you have a e-mail server/smtp gateway?  If so, then you need to configure oneorzero to point to that boxes FQDN or IP address.  If you don't, then you need one.

If you have a e-mail server/smtp gateway and you have configured oneorzero to point to it then:

What e-mail server/smtp gateway are you using?
What error messages does oneorzero get?
What error messages does the e-mailserver/smtp gateway show?
arahmingAuthor Commented:
I don't get an error I acctually just don't get the messages here is the supposed way to set this up according to them many blanks to fill in

mailGate.php file serves as an email gateway for OneOrZero Helpdesk v1.6. It allows users to open tickets by sending emails to a designated email address. The script collects the email, either via an input stream or pop3 server, and creates a ticket from the information.

[edit]Library Requirements
mimeDecode.php Mail_Mime PEAR extensions

[edit]Configuration Requirements:
The /attachments directory must be writable by the mail daemon. Supporter and Administrator paging will not work unless a page address is given via the Edit User page of the Control Panel.

All configuration is done from within the OneOrZero Settings page of the Control Panel.

Features and Options: 1. Can collect email from either an input stream (ie. Sendmail) or a pop3 server. To collect email via a sendmail, first set the 'Input Method' to 'Stream' in the Control Panel. Then alter the aliases (normally kept in /etc/mail when using Sendmail) file to look like the following... helpdesk: "|php /path/to/mailGate.php" To collect email via a pop3 server, set the 'Input Method' to 'POP3' in the Control Panel. Then setup a cron job to collect emails. To setup a download every 5 minutes via the /etc/crontab file, enter the following...

*/5 * * * *   root    php /path/to/mailGate.php
2. Choose whether to page assigned supporters, administrators, or the entire group when tickets are updated or created. The options are available to selectively choose who gets paged by setting whether to page all supporters, only the assigned supporters, or just the administrators. May also set any combination of those three.

3. Choose whether to autofill user fields, such as office and phone, from the DB. If turned on, via the Control Panel, and appropriate data is available, the ticket will be prepopulated with relevant information when it's created.

4. Automatic routing of tickets, to supporters, based on email subject. This operation is performed by querying the properties of the individual supporter. For example: to assign all proxy related tickets to Bob (with subject containing either proxy, squid, or dansguardian, add the following string to the routing string in the user properties (on the edit user page)... "proxy|squid|dansguardian"

5. Text only ticket descriptions, even from html multipart messages. However, if the email client is configured to send HTML only email, no suitable description will be gathered and the script will indicate that no suitable message was found in the body of the ticket.

6. Parsing of attached files and embedded images. Saves all attachments to the /attachments folder.

7. Customizeable receipt and supporter page templates. To set up email templates, create/modify the following templates using the Templates page of the Control Panel. mailGate_new_page page sent to supporters and admins for new tickets mailGate_update_page page sent to supporters and admins for ticket updates mailGate_new_receipt receipt sent to user for new tickets mailGate_update_receipt receipt sent to user for ticket updates

8. Receipts may be disabled completely by setting the option to 'Off' in the Control Panel.

9. Customizeable check list reminders (thrown in to generate ideas for features). All teams have repeatable routines that happen relatively infrequently. If a bullet list of tasks must be followed, mailGate will send out designated emails to the team. To set up checklists for certain tickets, modify the control panel with keywords separated by the "|" (or) symbol. Then create message templates using the keyword as part of the name. For example, to create a checklist for new hires... Keyword: newhire template: mailGate_newhire_checklist

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arahmingAuthor Commented:
yes when the ticket is open it send an email using the sendmail
O.K. you want it to do both.

Have you been able to get it to receive an e-mail and open a ticket?

The documentation you provided only talks about how to configure it to receive e-mail and open a ticket.  It does not talk about how to configure it to actually send the e-mail, in fact it does not even talk  about sending e-mail at all, it talks about "paging".

arahmingAuthor Commented:
No I think I am going to try a reinstall
make sure your sendmail path is correctly specified in the control panel under oneorzero settings. You can find this out by asking your webhost.
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