Live Communications Server 2005 SP1 logon question

Posted on 2006-06-26
Last Modified: 2008-02-01
I installed LCS 2003 SP1 on my Exchange 2003 Server SP2 running Windows 2003 Server SP1

Single Domain setup.

The question I have is: users when they first log on in the morning, Communicator is set up to log on automatically.

The first logon attempt fails.  But if you wait a minute for the other programs to launch and install on your computer, you can successfully log onto Communicator.

Also my remote users always time out.

Any ideas??
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Starting services out of order.  The one that is trying to start but fails will need to list the others as dependencies.  I can't explain it here, but you can find out more on

Basically, a program that has a dependency will not start until after the dependency has started.  Most likely spools is the culprit though.  If a program needs spools, but spools is not listed as a dependency, then it will try to start and fail because it cannot access spools.

Like that.

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How can I make the Communicator program the last program to start on startup?
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Search the site for dependencies and errors about programs that won't start.  Other than that, check EventViewer and it will tell you which programs didn't start or logon and why.  You must have auditing set to log success and failure logons.  It's not really a process that can be described step by step because each instance is unique.

You're also not saying which Communicator, exactly.  Netscape is generally known as Communicator.  If you're talking about a Windows or some other program, I wouldn't know much about one called Communicator.  Companies bantor names too synonymous with registered copyrighted names and trademarks and it's quite confusing.  Programmers should respect the names of other software before naming their own.  It's not that hard to come up with a unique name.

What is the actual full name of this Communicator program?
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Windows Communicator 2005 (comes with Live Commincation Server 2005 SP1)

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Opps - Microsoft Office Communicator 2005
Version 1.0.559
(c) Microsoft Corporation
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Accepted Solution

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Look up the properties of basically any program.  I'm going to use Services | Network Connections as an example.

Unders Start | Administrative Tools | Services | Network Connections | {right click} Properties | Dependencies

you will see two windows, one for "This service depends on the follwing system components" and the other for "The following system components depend on this service"

The first one delays the start of Network Connections until Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is started, and the second window proclaims that Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) will not start until this service, Network Connections, starts.

In the first instance, Network Connections uses RPC because it calls it as a subroutine or coroutine and thus Network Connections cannot start until RPC starts.  In the second instance, the firewall and ICS cannot start until Network Connections starts.  You can see, therefore, that if RPC hasn't started, neither Firewall and ICS nor Network Connections can start; a logical sequence.  Each program that depends on another program must have its dependencies defined, otherwise it will start and call a dependency which will fail, or, if the dependency is not defined it will get an error.

Now for your Communicator, it appears that a service it depended upon was not started the first time, so the logon failed.  But after the first attempt perhaps the dependency was started and therefore every logon attempt after the second one was successful.

Although I have Live Office in more than one version, none is running currently on this server.  So I can't do a quick look up of the service.  You can though if you're running it.  You'll just have to figure out what dependency is not starting before you start and use Communicator.  Perhaps check around for what dependencies shoudl be running.  One, I would imagine, is the logon service.  There may be others.

Maybe something went wrong during the service pack install, or, you've somehow turned something off that needs to be running.  But Communicator should have detected this and you should have an error in EventViewer telling you which service was the dependency and the cause for the logon failure of Communicator the first time.


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There is no Communicator service running.
I guess I will have to try something else.
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It should be Microsoft Communicator or similar.

I found our disk set with the Microsoft Communicator on it, but haven't installed it yet.

The key is, generally, that Microsoft products run as a service starting with their name, Microsoft.

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