How can I import a bitmap into Freehand 9 and maintain it's transparency - so it WORKS?

Hi all,
Is it possible to import an image into Freehand 9 and maintain it's transparency?

I'm going from Photoshop or Paintshop Pro, so I can save the image in a variety of formats
that support transparency.

What format should I save in Photoshop and how do I import it into Freehand
and maintain the transparency? I've tried importing as PNG, TIFF and EPS, but it shows up
with a "white" background, not transparent.
All the books and help say that you can do it. Photoshop even has a wizard that leads you through the export process, but when I import the resulting EPS into Freehand the file does not display properly. Also, other raster apps also cannot display it.


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Jose ParrotConnect With a Mentor Graphics ExpertCommented:

You can't do that.

This feature isn't available Freehand 9.
Not available even in version 10. Actually, imported bitmap images lose its attributes.
In Freehand MX you can MAKE transparent areas by using transparent lens filling.
Also in MX, there is full import and display support of 32-bit image formats (as stated before).

So, the right answer to your question is: You can't do that.

P.S. In my oppinion, just cancel the question isn't the right way, regarding good and correct advisoring from the experts, showing in the previous comments that "You can't do that".

what kind of image is it? is it a picture? text?

Take a look here and see if it answers your question:
progtwAuthor Commented:
A bitmap i.e., a picture.
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progtwAuthor Commented:

But from what I have heard, it seems the problem is with Freehand 9, not with PhotoShop.

I should have mentioned: I have already spoken to a graphics artist at a print shop about this, and she said that both she and the previous graphcsi artist have had problems with this. She suggested I hand-draw a clipping path...
Its because your going from bitmap to vector. You would have a similar problem in illustrator as well.  If you can recreate it in a vector program.

What is the image of?
MHenryConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Have you tried printing it out yet? I import eps files into Freehand al the time. They work fine. Problem is, they don't always look right on the screen. I think it's because of the TIFF preview that most eps filles are saved with.

That's one of the bad things about Freehand, it doesn't render non-native files as well on the computer as well as Illustrator.


progtwAuthor Commented:
To cre8tive:

>> Its because your going from bitmap to vector. You would have a similar problem in illustrator as well.  If you can, recreate it in a vector program.

????? I do the same thing ell the time in Corel Draw...

What is the image of? PNG (for transparencies), and TIFF and EPS for (clipping paths) and neither worked.

Then I found in the User Manual that FH exports Alpha Channels but does not import them. Ok, so no transparencies. But the clipping paths idea should have worked. PhotoShop has a special wizard to help you export the EPSs with the clipping paths.

To Henry
You know what, I was also wondering that. But, you know what, I couldn't be bothered to print it out to see. The ink cost a lot of money. And I have to arrange things on the page. This is the age of online WYSIWYG, not cellotape.


Another idea somebody gave me (unfortunately because it cost me a further day and I would have given up) is to use the freehand bitmap functions to trace the bitmap (its a map and a man) to select the white areas and use the border as a tracing path to cut out the original pick and then do Paste Inside. In sort - it did not work.

Finally, I downloaded Freehand vMX Trial Edition from the Internet and used that. All the imported raster transparences worked immediately and like a dream. I did in 10 minutes what I had eaten up a whole day of pulling my hair with Freehand 9.

I will have to find out how to cancel this question.

Thanks to all for the effort.


Sorry I couldn't help. By asking what the image was I wasn't asking the type of format it was in. I was wondering if it was a photo or an image you created.  To close your question go here:
progtwAuthor Commented:
to cre8tive:

1. Thanks. It was a scan that I made of a photo that somebody made. Thanks.

2. I am not quite sure what to do with the link you wrote. I was expecting to be sent to a special page for closing the question, but it seems to be some sort of Help page, and quite frankly I don't have the time to go surfing around in it. If you think you know what to do could you please send me something more specific.

cre8tiveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Maybe you are seeing something different when you click the link than I am.  When I click it  at the bottom I see where you can post a request to close a question. People post there to get there question deleted.

Yesterday I was installing several programs I had downloaded for my mac a while back.  Among the files was a program called delinate. If you  have the time check it out. I'm not sure they have it for pc, but i thought you may have use for it in the future.
computer-wizConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ok in photoshop go to file save for web that will save it as a gif or  export it i havent tride that but you can:-) im tired
progtwAuthor Commented:
to JoseParrot:
>> You can't do that.
After wasting a whole day  - you are right.

I will split the points - in your favour.

progtwAuthor Commented:
I just got the response from EE that "you are not allowed to split points for this question".

Howeer, I seem to have succedded in closing the question and defining n accepted answer.

Can anybody refer me to somebody who can tell me what's happenng.

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