Need urgent help with Exchange server queue


I have an exchange server that we are using to send out email. Unfortunately due to extremely poor support from Earth Link's T1 business division, they have not got our reverse DNS entry setup. They are now telling me it will be as many as three more days before they will even get around to putting in the reverse DNS and then of course a few days after that before the entries propogate through.   Naturally not having the reverse DNS means that some servers are rejecting our email.

So now I've got emails sitting in the queues, not going out. My question... How can I get the mail to wait in the queue long enough so that when the reverse DNS finally gets setup the emails can then go out?  

On a long shot... I don't suppose anyone has any ideas on our reverse DNS problem rather than to wait for Earth Link to create the entry. Yes, I have done everything possible to get their support to respond, including direct threats of taking our business elsewhere.

Thanks in advance!
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rakeshmiglaniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is an option under the delivery Tab of the default smtp virtual server which defines when the message will expire and the user will get a notification that the message was not delivered.
the smtp service needs to be restarted after you make any changes there
itcozaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi bizcrown101,

What I would do for a few days would be to find someone that would relay outbound mail for you.  Once the PTR records have been corrected, then you can remove this and work as normal.  Maybe your ISP has a SMTP relay server that you can use untill then.

bizcrown101Author Commented:
Thanks for all the help!!

The delivery tab in SMTP server was exactly what I was looking for!

Ironically our ISP is Earth Link, the same people who are taking their sweet time putting in the reverse DNS entry.   But I do have some other servers off site that I could relay off of if I could figure out how to do it.  Is there anyway to do it just for the emails that are getting rejected by the other servers?  I'm somewhat concerned that while some servers block servers without reverse DNS entries, others (or even the same ones) may block emails that are sent through a relay.   What can I do to test this out and see if this is a solution? I'd really like to only do the emails that are sitting in queues for a certain period of time. I know that makes it harder but I don't want to mess up the emails that are already working.

Thanks so much for the help on this!

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rakeshmiglaniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you could create a smtp connector for the domains that you see stuck in the queue.

Check the following article

If the relay you are using is not listed as a Open Relay (and your ISP's will not be listed) then it is very safe to use a relay to deliver mail.  Many ISP do not even allow port 25 traffic out of their network to protect against SPAM senders from using their services. The only way to send mail with them would be to use their SMTP relay servers.  Most of them require authentication though.

Regards, M
itcozaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To relay, open the SMTP connector on your exchange server and tick the checkbox on the General Tab of the properties page of the SMTP connector, that indicates that you will be forwarding your mail through a smart host.  If you are going to use a IP address type it in as follows "[]"  but the FQDN of the server can be used as is.
bizcrown101Author Commented:
Great help guys!!! I'm going to look into it and will open up another question as I work through this. It's at the edge of my knowledge but if we can get it working it will really save the day!
bizcrown101Author Commented:
Sorry... one more question.

On the authentication... What would I need to do to get the server I"m relaying to, to accept the relayed email?

Thanks again guys!
bizcrown101Author Commented:
Ok, I got if figured out! Only needed to put in the IP address of the servers authorized to relay AND restart the SMTP services.

Can't thank you guys enough!! This saved our butts big time and now AOL is accepting our email! YEAH!!!! One for the good guys! :)

Just for the record, Earth Link has still taken NO action on getting our reverse DNS put in.  

Thanks again for all the help!
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