Obtaining 'Email received' receipt information without a Read receipt

Hi Experts,

Is it possible to obtain the information that an email has been read (date / time), even though the user has not returned a read receipt?  

I will be using Outlook Redemption and was wondering if there was an extended MAPI property that I could check to see if an email had been read, even though a read receipt is not provided.


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Hello  alan_ITG!

I did a search in EE (Outlook receipt) and found several matches, but I wasn't sure which one fit you situation.  But, I am not aware of any unscripted "receipt" method.  The trigger IS the opening of the email.  And the recever has the option to send a receipt or not.  I looked for some third-party software and didn't find anything.

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alan_ITGAuthor Commented:

Hi Andre,

Thanks for the links, I had searched on Read Receipts but will also go through the items you sent.

I was thinking of something like the CreateTime property of the mail item.  

There is a ReceivedTime property but I assume this relates to the time when received on the recipients email server and not when the recipient has opened the email.

There is also a ReceivedByName property which I assume is also set independently of the email being read and so does not help.


Greetings, Alan!

There is nothing natively within Outlook to determine if asker has read an email.  A third party program DidTheyReadIt will do what you want.


Best wishes!
David LeeCommented:
Greetings, alan_ITG.

> an extended MAPI property
There's no way to know if a message was read without some sort of feedback from the recipient's computer.  In Outlook that feedback is a read receipt.  There are ways to do this outside of Outlook, i.e. not using native email functionality.  The one war1 gave the link for is a service.  It works by sending the mail through the service where they add something to it that allows them to track whether it was read and report that back to you.  An approach spammers use is to add a link to a graphic on their web site.  When you open the message Outlook has to connect to their server to retrieve the graphic which for them verifies your email address.  You can do the same thing internally.  If you use Exchange and just want to track whether internal messages are being read, then I believe the Outlook admin template includes a policy that forces read receipts on.

alan_ITGAuthor Commented:

Hi All,

thanks for the assistance!  I have gone back to the client with the information and am waiting for thier response.

I have split the points as equitably as I can.

Many thanks.

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