Pervasive V 9.1 MKDE, System Error : 110.-1.0

Hello Experts,
We are running on Pervasive V 9.1 and am running into a weird problem, hope someone can help me out.

Pervasive is our main production database and recently after the new update to v 9.1 we have noticed that all of a sudden sumtimes some tables just stop responding. I mean anything we add to the table does not get added through the 3rd party applciation or even the regular insert queries dont work. The only thing that's common between all the instances is that i noticed in the pervasive log, just before this starts happening that particular table gives an error as follows::

06-16-2006 09:19:01 MKDE            00000DD0 NTDBSMGR.EXE    NHSERVER        E                        System Error: 110.-1.0 File: (Physical location where the file is located)
06-16-2006 11:53:57 W3COMSRV        00000DD0 NTDBSMGR.EXE    NHSERVER        I                        Client session timeout, CID=ffffffff0000c0a8019c6805, SA=0000, TN=0000.
06-16-2006 11:53:57 W3COMSRV        00000DD0 NTDBSMGR.EXE    NHSERVER        I                        Client

How do i go about debuggin whatz actually causing the problem???

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mirtheilSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Is there any error from the application?  
How does the application insert data?  Does it fail from all clients when it stops "responding"?  
There's two things in your log.  One (System Error) may be related to a corrupted file.  Rebuild the file.
The second is related to your network and could indicate a problem with connections (losing connection).  
Does a PSA Network Test fail?  
PremkumarBalwaniAuthor Commented:
The application or a regular insert query they all work fine without any error. It just does not save any information in those tables. But at the same time there are other updates and inserts to other tables that works fine and that's what rules out the network issue. The PSA test also executes fine without any problems.

If the System Error is related to corrupt file, is it the actual data file that's corrupt or one of the configuration files. I was looking into pervasive support and it mentioned that System Error 110.-1.0 is related to Blog.cfg file and i am not sure how to rebuild it??

any suggestions??
and thank you for the quick response.
mirtheilSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Rebuild the file referenced in the System Error.  
How do you know that the data isn't saved?  
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PremkumarBalwaniAuthor Commented:
I have web applications that work with the production database and while saving the changes or updating them i have a different sets of table in sql server that saves the history of work done through those web applicaitons. In those history tables i record all the information and that has been working fine but the data in Pervasive has not been updated or added.

and thus as such i lost all the data that we must have added directly through the 3rd party application as we dont save it anywhere else.

i cant rebuild (re-index) in the production environment, but i will do it later tonite during after hours. Is this the only reason that's happening or could there be more reasons that we are not considering. after a few lines it shows the error on the log file it also shows that the log file is corrupt.

06-24-2006 10:33:41 MKDE            00000B54 NTDBSMGR.EXE    NHSERVER        W                        Resources allocated
06-24-2006 10:34:01 MKDE            00000B54 NTDBSMGR.EXE    NHSERVER        W                        The log file is corrupt.
06-24-2006 10:35:24 MKDE            00000B54 NTDBSMGR.EXE    NHSERVER        W                        The log file is corrupt.

But this comes up when after we reboot the server and all the previous tables that were acting up start working fine again.

Just so its clear what i m trying to explain, the sequence of events in the log file would be as follows::

certain day  MKDE ---- System error 110.-1.0 File :: physical location

after a few days when we find out.. and reboot the server.....

day of reboot MKDE --- Resources allocated
day of reboot MKDE -- The log file is corrupt.....

And after the reboot that particular file works fine.

thanks ...
Bill BachPresident and Btrieve GuruCommented:
The System Error is indicating a problem in accessing the file.  The "-1" in there tells us that the problem is related to a normal background (I/O) thread which does system transactions.  The 110 indicates WHERE in the Pervasive code the error is detected, with 110 indicating "A record address or page number references a PAT page range at least two PAT pages past the end of the physical file."  The final number, 0, indicates that the OS seems happy with the file.

It sounds like the Pervasive log files are not getting cleaned up correctly, and when these get damaged, the problem creeps up on the rest of the files (for which the logs are keeping track).

Suggestion: Clean up the logs:
1) Shut down the database engine.
2) Delete all files from the C:\PVSW\BIN\MKDE\LOG directory on the server. (If you moved the transaction logs, clean out whatever directory you moved them to.)
3) Restart the engine and see if they stay clean.  

If the problem continues, it could be a problem with having the logs on the drive in question -- you can try moving them to another drive to see if that helps.

PremkumarBalwaniAuthor Commented:
Thank you bill about your specific description what the error really means. it makes it easier to figure out the problem once its clear what the error is really telling ya.

i looked up the mkde folder in my pvsw folder. it was about 4 gigs. i backed it up to a different folder and deleted all the log files in that folder.

Now the nature of the error being so random and in frequent i wont really be sure until it happens again but i will keep a close eye on my mkde folder and delete any log files in there on a regular basis. i am guessing there must be a way to clear it out automatically.

also i noticed the mkde log files contained transaction data in it. i was just wondering out of curiosity is it possible to parse those log files and be able to get the data as its all the data that was inputted using the 3rd party application does not have a history log and i would love to get it back.

i dont think it should be a problem with the drive as the drive still has approx 20 gigs of free space. I will keep an close eye though and give me till tomorrow to monitor and then later tom i can accept the answer and give you guys the point that you guyz soooo rightly

thanks for all your help.
Bill BachPresident and Btrieve GuruCommented:
There was a bug posted in the PSQLv9.1 engine that caused runaway log files to randomly occur and not get deleted properly.  I do not know if Pervasive ever figured out what the combination of factors was that caused it, but I do believe it is fixed in the v9.5 (Service Pack 2) update.  I would strongly suggest that you apply the SP2 update as soon as you can -- this may prevent the problem from recurring.

In the meantime, please do not delete ALL log files while the engine is running -- only those that are old.  If you shut down the engine, you can delete everything in this folder.

The translog is not a valid or readable history, and should not be used as such.  You MAY be able to do something with the "Archival Logging" feature if you need that data, but even it is not perfectly usable as a history.  For a true history, you should consider implementing Pervasive's AuditMaster tool -- a true auditing and hiostorical tool for this database.  More information and pricing can be found here:

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