Veritas 9.1 Printout of backups

Is there any way to make a printout of what each backup is backing up.  I need to make a hard copy of everything that is being backed up and I would rather not do it one manually if at all possible.  :)
Justin CollinsIT Support TechnicianAsked:
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You can just go into the Log file for each completed job, expand all, and print the log itself.
Justin CollinsIT Support TechnicianAuthor Commented:
You can, but I am looking for more of a tree type listing. And more detailed if at all possible.
How much more specific are you trying to get? You want to see a each file being backed up in each folder of each server?
open veritas backup exec.
go to job monitor
down in the list double click the latest successful job that was completed.
you will see a new window, on lesf side click on job history
on right side click on expand all
now on the bottom click print

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