How To Change Query Source Of Existing Report?

Would seem easy, but can't find it in any Help search.  I have an existing report created in Design View, Access 2003.  Wanted a version of it associated with a different query, so just copied the report, changed a few things.  Now I cannot find how to have it pull the data from a different query.
Mike CaldwellDirector of Business Development, AnaquaAsked:
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nico5038Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Open the report in design mode and press the properties button (Hand with white sheet).
Now change the Controlsource property to your new query under the Data tab.

Mike CaldwellDirector of Business Development, AnaquaAuthor Commented:
Perfect!  Expected it would be easy, bu darned if I could find it.   Thanks much.
Glad I could help :-)

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