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Hi Everyone.  I have a running Cisco PIX 501 with VPN connections using Windows built in VPN client.  Works fine.  But I want the users who are in on the VPN to be able to use their local internet while connected.  How do I set this up?

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nodiscoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Mark

Go into the properties of the PPTP VPN connection on your PC
Click on Networking>  Internet Protocol TCP/IP and click on properties
Click the advanced tab
Untick the box that says "Use default gateway of remote network"

All internet traffic will then go out over your local circuit - not the VPN gateway.

hope this helps
This is a challenge given the typical config with a separate IP subnet assigned to the VPN clients and the internal LAN...
It is not an easy one to resolve. Some have created scripts that change a user's route table after they log on
Depending on your LAN IP subnet class (A B or C) you may have some easy options.
Some have used a sub-set of the LAN IP's for the VPN clients..
bobbydall2000Author Commented:
Hi.  The checkbox in the Windows connection worked fine.  Thanks.  I also discovered that if you are usiong the Cisco VPN client software you could setup split tunneling in the PIX.  But that only works with thier client.

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