single row

Hi, I am trying to execute the following sceriano,

there is a table named table1,
fileds are,
field1 (double)
field2 (double)
field3 (string)

field1    field2    field3  
300       0          $        
0          230,12   €
0          43,12    £  
0          12,1      $

how can I get the sum(field1)- sum(field2) grouping on field3 which returns a single row? I mean the query result should be 1 row like;

287.9 $, -230.12 €, -43,12 £


using mysql 5.018
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snoyes_jwConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(a, b) FROM (SELECT SUM(field1) - SUM(field2) AS a, field3 AS b FROM t1 GROUP BY field3) AS c;
gokhanozAuthor Commented:
ok thanks, but I mean in seperate colums, like;

   col1          col2            col3
287,9$ |  -230.12 €  |  -43,12 £
Are you only ever going to have these three strings, or do you need it to automatically support yen and pesos and whatever else?
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gokhanozAuthor Commented:
no, there might be much more than these three strings. So it should support the future needs.
In that case, I recommend you don't try to get those values in a single row with many columns.  Instead, keep them in many rows of two columns (one for value, one for string) and put them in a single column with your application (the PHP script or whatever it is you use to show results).
gokhanozAuthor Commented:
ok, just to improve my knowledge, suppose that there is only 3 string values, how can I get the result as I wrote above?
  (SELECT CONCAT(SUM(field1) - SUM(field2), field3) FROM table1 WHERE field3 = '$') AS col1,
  (SELECT CONCAT(SUM(field1) - SUM(field2), field3) FROM table1 WHERE field3 = '€') AS col2,
  (SELECT CONCAT(SUM(field1) - SUM(field2), field3) FROM table1 WHERE field3 = '£') AS col3
gokhanozAuthor Commented:
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